Fuxtec FX-RM 1850 petrol lawn mower

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Test report: Fuxtec FX-RM 1850 petrol lawn mower

The FUXTEC FX-RM1850 PETROL MOWER is a branded machine manufacturer. Fuxtec specializes in special machines for a wide range of applications, including garden maintenance. The lawn mower has a striking design and fits into an innovative garden. Testsiege were also already entered and reached top marks.  

Delivery and assembly

The lawn mower is delivered almost pre-assembled in a sturdy carton. Only the wheels and the cockpit are still to be installed. The engine has been completely manufactured in the factory and installed in the FUXTEC FX-RM1850 GASOLINE RACING MACHINE. The carton can be disposed of after installation, since the lawn mower is no longer suitable for the carton in the fully assembled state, it is then too large. The construction of the device as well as the final assembly is simple and can be performed by laymen. However, this must never happen while the engine is running. Serious injuries may occur.  

Engine and power

A 5.0 hp engine was installed in the FUXTEC FX-RM1850 GASOLINE RACING MACHINE. This works safely and extremely powerful in the 4 stroke system. As a result, the gasoline engine performs quite quietly and therefore also quietly for the neighbors. In order to simply fill the oil, the engine has an extended oil filler neck, thus ensuring a truly simple operation of the device. Further, conventional gasoline or super is used for the engine. The use of E10 has not been tested and can not be recommended. This always cleaned air is sucked into the engine, the device has a foam filter the resulting prefers a long life. For easy starting of the engine is the prime offered by FUXTEC 'N Pull (TM) Easy Start System and a wind vane speed controller used. The device also works with a back-up starter which makes the operation of the FUXTEC FX-RM1850 PETROL MASERMASTER child's play.  

Operation of the device

With the three-height adjustable cockpit, the FUXTEC FX-RM1850 PETROL MASERMASTER can be pre-adjusted to individual body sizes. The lawn mower has a self-propelled system. This means that the mower does not have to be pushed, it rolls by itself by the drive of the wheels on the lawn self-acting. Pushing is therefore a relic from the past. For this quite soft assumes Accessorise are ballraced BIG WHEEL BIKES with 255 mm rear and 175 mm at the front fitted act also gentle for the lawn. With a cutting width of 460mm can to a close margins but also large areas are detected quickly. This means that even high workloads can be processed quickly and easily. The catch is designed for a maximum of 60l. Thanks to the internal system, the material to be cut enters the catch basket. This can then be conveniently removed. It also opens easily and is easy to empty and then ready for use again.  

4 in 1 - a great device

The FUXTEC FX-RM1850 PETROL MASER is a device with four functions. In addition to mowing the lawns, which is the core competency of the lawn mower, mulching is also carried out with knives specially designed for this purpose. Furthermore, the lawn section can be intercepted on the one hand by means of the catch basket, but it is also possible to use the side ejection, the sections are immediately applied again as fertilizer on the lawn.Especially with large surfaces this can be useful if you do not want to empty the basket so often.  

Cutting height

The cutting heights of the FUXTEC FX-RM1850 GASOLINE MASER are variable from 25-75mm adjustable. This can also be used to mow the most difficult lawn. The highest setting is recommended for uneven surfaces. It also avoids the cutting of branches and the incorporation of stones.  

Maintenance and Care

The engine of the FUXTEC FX-RM1850 PETROL MASER is designed to run almost maintenance-free during operation. Gasoline and motor oil are required as consumables. Always check whether both materials are sufficiently present in the device before starting operation. For the gasoline the purchase of a Benzinkanisters is worthwhile. As a result, fuel can be quickly and easily refilled into the tank. The lawn mower has an easy clean function. This is done by the user himself. However, it is recommended to wipe the mower with a damp cloth. The storage of the FUXTEC FX-RM1850 PETROL MASER is best in a cellar or a dry shed. The device then waits for the next application


Conclusion guy With the FUXTEC FX-RM1850 BENZIN RASENMÄHER the buyers acquire a test winner and thus a very good device. The lawn mower has some good functions and can be used on nearly all surfaces. Particularly noteworthy is the easy clean function as well as the height adjustment.This means that mowing is a children's play for laymen. The assembly of the device is also carried out quickly and the mowing of the lawn is also possible thanks to the four functions. The side ejection is now also no longer self-evident but installed in this device.

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