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Review: Arendo glass kettle


What you should know about the Arendo glass kettle

Kettle are practical and useful kitchen utensils. Replace the classic kettle or the pot on the stove, thus helping to save energy. In the kettle Arendo the water is heated by means of a spiral and so brought to a boil. He is particularly well suited for the preparation of soluble coffee or tea, instant soups and baby formula milk. Operation If the Andreo kettle with power, its consumption is considered to be low. The container of this device is manufactured, unlike other devices, made of strong and durable glass. To prevent burns, the user consist lid and handle the kettle made of special plastic, which does not conduct the heat. This model has an automatic shutoff feature that becomes active as soon as the water boils in the vessel. The water tank of Arendo kettle is provided for guidance with a unit. Thus, only the quantity to be heated, which is actually needed. This prevents water remains, and thus helps to save water.

Arendo household and electronics products

The company Arendo has its headquarters in Japan and provides technical products for consumers worldwide ago.Its low production site is to produce the Manufacturer possible price cheap gadgets at good to very good technical level, why Arendo products often constitutes an alternative to high-priced German brand products. Thus can save the consumer a lot of money.

Design and handling of Arendo glass kettle WBA 360

This device impresses with its mix of glass and stainless steel with a beautiful, timeless appearance. Thus, the Arendo kettle WBA360 fits any kitchen, whether kept rustic or modern, to. The container for the water is completely made of durable and durable glass. The base and the control panel are made of polished stainless steel. Henkel and lid are made of neutral black plastic, whereby the thermal conductivity is greatly reduced, and so the user burns are avoided. The kettle is equipped with an LED interior lighting, which not only looks great, but also the operation even in the dark evenings make sure. Operating the Arendo kettle is simple. Water is added fresh from the tap in the desired amount into the water tank. this is set to the base, which includes the contact points. By means of the operating knob, a pressure switch, made of stainless steel of the boiler is turned on. Now automatically switches on the interior lights. Immediately, the water in the tank begins to heat itself. After a short time the water is boiling already and the kettle, and the interior lighting is switched off automatically. The glass body of the container is very hygienic and easy to clean.

Specifications and care of Arendo glass kettle WBA 360

With dimensions of 24.4 cm x 23.4 cm x 18.8 cm this kettle is a compact kitchen appliance that is very firm and not easy to tip over threatened. The capacity of the water tank holds 1.7 liters, enough for a large pot tea or more than eight cups of coffee. The robust glass body of the water tank is equipped with a measurement table with three graduations. The performance of the kettle is 2200 watts, so the water is boiling after 1.49 minutes. This represents a good performance. The consumption of Arendo glass kettle is low-power 0.06 kW / h. Thus can not only save electricity but also water with this device. The kettle has a scale filter that retains the lime out of the water. This filter should be taken out periodically and cleaned under running water. With a strong accumulation of lime, the filter can in a water bath with einlegegt Cirtonensäure, then rinsed vigorously. The glass container, and the base and the operating range can be easily with hot water, provided with a little detergent, be cleaned. For heavy soiling of the glass container to the cleaning water can ach something citric acid are added. It should be noted that any cleaning water must be niemal drunk. All parts are always clean by hand and not suitable for the dishwasher.

The safety of Arendo kettle with glass container

This appliance is classified as very safe. Especially families with children benefit. By the choice of material of the handle and the cover, which was conveniently located on plastic, the risk of burning during use is greatly minimized.The device automatically switches off when reaching the water temperature. This is an important protection mechanism also helps prevent scalding. The length of the power cord is sufficient and is not children dangerous because no strangulation exists. This fact makes the device also to a safe household helper.

The value for money of Arendo kettle

With its impressive performance and low-power operation of this device must be assessed in the value for money with well. With a price of 32.06 euros to 36.85 euros, the kettle is in a low price to buy. The life under normal usage for about two years, which justifies the price.


conclusion guy
The Arendo glass kettle is very suitable for normal use within a private household. Even for families with young children are from this device is impressive because it helps with its built-in protective mechanism of automatic shutdown accidents, how to prevent burns. The price is crucial, especially for young families or singles for purchasing this appliance. Equally impressive is the low power consumption and high capacity of the glass container. Visually, the Arendo glass kettle with its timeless design. Thus, he does not need to be replaced when the style of the kitchen should change. the device has a statutory warranty period.For technical problems, however, it is difficult for consumers to contact the company. All in all, the device is a reliable helper in everyday life.Consumers who have tested this kettle of Arendo, believe and give the device 4 out of 5 points. Different test pages recommend this device, because it is quite enough to normal needs of consumers and long may be a good companion.

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