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What you should know about the Braun WK 500 kettle

The Braun WK 500 kettle is a good kettle, with which you can heat water without any problems. In addition, this water heater also convince in other things such as design, processing and handling, and also still has more special features.


The design of the Braun WK 500 kettle is a good mix of modern lines and classic nuances. To this kettle has a relatively normal shape, but as particularly distinguished on closer Hingucken at glance. The side of the spout is slightly curved in this kettle outwards and also exhibited higher. If one follows the design of the kettle from top to bottom, so you can see that the kettle downward easily is something bulbous. This shape is reminiscent of a pot.The handle is inserted smoothly at the kettle, forming a unit or a line to the lid of the kettle. In addition, the handle is open, which is fresh and young and the kettle as well especially enriched with a modern twist. The color design of the kettle is relatively neutral. Because it is held mainly in black. Here this kettle has a shiny black on the Ausgussseite and has on the handle side a matte black. This blend of gloss and matt makes a rather plain color but again a special color. In addition, the control knob is a silver-gray color well from the rest of the kettle. However, this button also adds color well into the overall picture and adds it to a very good way.


In terms of processing, the Braun WK 500 kettle keep up with good and solid claims. Although it is made mainly of plastic, but looks characterized from not cheap or acts badly processed. On the contrary, since the processing of the plastic a quality image and can be quite impressive. Finally, we find at this kettle no "seams" that show the locations where the plastic has been put together. Rather, one finds at this kettle no evidence that he was not made of one piece. The surface is smooth and has no protrusions that should not exist. In addition, there are also no sharp edges or excesses that often found in plastic manufacturing. The entire processing concept is just as well thought out as the design. To design and processing are also well together and together form a very good composition.


Of course, the Braun WK 500 kettle is not only in terms of processing and design especially. For this kettle has generally some peculiarities that can convince in this kettle and make it a very useful and clever kitchen gadgets.Thus, the handle is not only open, but also ergonomically designed. The spout has a practical shape and prevents spills when pouring the water into cups, pots or bowls. Very practical is the externally visible level indicator. Another feature of this kettle is the high power of 3000 watts, you would not necessarily finds in this form in many kettles.Thereby, the water is heated much faster and quickly reaches the boiling point. Dry-running is a good safety feature. It ensures that the kettle with enough water or even no contents does not go into operation and the kettle is therefore not damaged. The isolated heating element and the wireless design are also particularly and very practical. In addition, this kettle ambidextrous is equally well-designed and can therefore be easily used by both.


The handling of the Braun WK 500 kettle is impressive. Because the handling is very easy. Thus, with this kettle, the water simply pour on the spout. Since this has the perfect size for taps, there is no mess here. At the water level indicator can also be seen all the time, how far you have already filled the kettle, the kettle can hold a total of even 1.6 liters of water. By tapping the button at the top brings you the kettle fast to boil the water inside. Simply push and already begins the kettle with the heating of the water. Thanks to the automatic shutdown upon reaching the boiling point may be the kettle also alone boil the water and does not have to stand by all the time. Through the ergonomic handle, the water eventually can simply pour it. In addition, the handle is perfect for to keep the force in the arm as low as possible. This facilitates the handling of very strong and allows a very convenient use.

Overview data

  • very powerful 3000 Watt
  • ergonomic handle
  • auto shut-off
  • modern design
  • good workmanship
  • integrated water level indicator
  • Dry protection for more security
  • cordless kettle
  • concealed heating element


conclusion guyThe Braun WK 500 kettle is a good kettle that can be used without problems at home or in any other kitchen. He is colored relatively neutral and thus fits well in any kitchen a. In addition, this kettle has a good processing. The operation of the Braun WK 500 kettle is easy and requires no special skills. All in all worth the kettle.

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