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Review: Siemens TW86104P kettle

What you should know about the Siemens TW86104P kettle

Siemens TW86104P kettle offers the optics. The appealing Cranberryrot stands out visually from high quality stainless steel from and makes Siemens TW86104P kettle to a real eyecatcher. But the device has more to offer than the design.

Functions of Siemens TW86104P kettle

The Siemens TW86104P offers numerous functions that allow an individual operation. Users can choose degrees between the temperatures 70, 80, 90 and 100, and so adjust the water temperature to the individual requirements.This feature highlights the kettle from the ground and makes him an individual kitchen appliance. The warming function and 360 degree base are just as functional as the removable scale filter made of stainless steel, which protects against calcification and facilitates cleaning.

Water level indicator

The kettle Siemens TW86104P has a water level indicator, which is easily legible from inside and outside. Thereby, individual quantities to achieve precise. The lid can be opened via a button. Here, a little pressure and the lid opens silently. The lid can be locked, which increases the safety. The kettle Siemens TW86104P is suitable for right and left and has an ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in the hand.

Overheating protection and boil-dry

Positive are the overheating protection and the dry-running, which protects the kettle Siemens TW86104P against defects. Overall, the kettle Siemens TW86104P has a capacity of 1.5 liters. The container is made of plastic and is not hot, which protects against burns. The power is 2400 watts and the kettle Siemens TW86104P can be used wirelessly. Thus, the kettle is flexible and does not have to be filled at the place where it stands. The wide top opening makes it easy to fill the kettle below the line. The bottom of the kettle is made of metal and the wall of plastic with a light insulating core, which ensures that the water stays warm for a longer time. This is particularly beneficial if you want to prepare baby food.

Fast and reliable service

The kettle Siemens TW86104P prepares the hot water to quickly and reliably. The different selectable temperatures are ideal for tea drinkers. The opening of the kettle by Siemens is big enough and it is easy to pour and pour out water. When pouring the water does not splash and show no ugly water drops. The water enters exactly where it should. The kettle Siemens TW86104P is easy to operate and is almost intuitively usable. The kettle Siemens TW86104P signaled that the water boils. The sound is pleasant and suitable for sensitive ears. Unfortunately, the volume can not be customized, but this is not a significant disadvantage.

Design meets function

The kettle Siemens TW86104P looks very stylish and fits in the modern household. Weighing 1780 grams of the kettle Siemens TW86104P sits comfortably in the hand and is not too heavy even when full. Positive is the automatic shutdown, which prevents overheating and ensures security. The cable winder is visually and functionally a profit. There will be no clutter of wires, which not only interferes with, but also visually appealing does not output image. The controls of the kettle are discreetly placed and still easily recognizable. Separate LEDs, an on / off switch and key switches are easy to use and require no effort. The illuminated symbols make an operation possible even in low light conditions. For the safety of the pilot lamp, the optical signals that the kettle Siemens TW86104P is in operation ensures. The power cord is 80 cm long and thus offers a quite sufficient length. The water we heated in record time and the energy requirement is very low. The workmanship is top quality in every detail and even after long use of the kettle gets its appearance and its function.


conclusion guyThe kettle Siemens TW86104P confident in all areas and is a reliable device that makes life easier. Optical captivate the elegant design and bold color. Instead mainstream kettle Siemens TW86104P for individuality, makes and fits in every kitchen. Even in an office can be used the quality kettle Siemens TW86104P, because it combines several functions. Positive are the different temperature settings that are not found in any kettle. This allows the kettle Siemens TW86104P many cases be used. For tea drinkers the kettle ensures likewise for ideal temperatures as for lovers of Cappuchinos. To prepare baby food the kettle Siemens TW86104P is also because in addition to temperature settings has the kettle Siemens TW86104P a warming function.Outstanding are the processing and the many details that simplify operation and make sure at the same time. The container is made of plastic and is therefore not heated, which prevents burns. The beep is convenient since it allows one to leave the kettle unattended and to hear anyway, when the water boils. The kettle from Siemens is high-quality and easy to clean. By water display that is both internally and externally visible, precise filling quantity can be easily reached. The kettle Siemens TW86104P kettle Siemens leaves nothing to be desired and not only ensures timely hot water, but also has an attractive design.

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