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Review: Auna Radio Gaga Internet Radio

What you should know about the Auna Radio Gaga Internet Radio

The Auna Radio Gaga Internet Radio falls already alone on its cubical shape. But this is not the few, but rather this radio offers much more. Just who has no desire for the stationary radio stations and failures over the antenna that comes here fully at its expense. Because a standard feature Wi-Fi, which the radio can be operated throughout the apartment. There is also a USB port for playing music on a USB stick. Added to this is an alarm that can be set individually by both a dual alarm, snooze function and a sleep timer. Added to this is an input in order to connect Adiogeräte such as an MP3 player or CD player or even a computer. All in all, therefore, this radio more than just simple listening to radio stations. Especially when it comes to good music, this cut does not really usually perform well. In addition through the Internet still a wide range of radio stations that perhaps more in line with personal taste.Additionally included is one remote control, with its batteries. Thus, the radio can be connected directly, since there is of course also the right PSU to. But of course, these are only the technical data and say nothing about the sound and use. Therefore, the radio users has been tested, which then equal the advantages and disadvantages become more apparent. Of course, the results depend Whatever the personal use from, especially as the manual describes all functions.

Easy handling convinced consistently

Of course, it is in these opinions to simple users, all were very enthusiastic. Especially the easy handling has nevertheless surprised even if the radio is changed. For this, you just replace the location and again the plug into the socket. Within a short time played on the radio the last station on. This is more than a consumer-friendly. Other users said the large display, which greatly simplifies operation, even in people who otherwise needglasses. The shape of a cube all liked very much because this also is space saving. The fast transfer when WLAN is yet another point that was rated more positively. Added to this is the list of available radio stations on the Internet. We will then be much easier to find a station, however, it may cause harmful interference to terrestrial reception. This is then less on the radio, like on the housing situation. Because in many areas of your antenna is not really good. Since then can connect to the Internet to be the only alternative, which is then also offered here.

A radio that provides more

Therein all testers agreed this radio really has more. Especially if this is then used as an alarm clock, whereby here again the large display was an important aspect. Quick set and then this can already do his service. What is more, that can be used both the MP3 player as well as a USB stick. Thus can then be played in a good sound to your favorite music at any time. Even a computer can be connected to this radio, which in many testers has revealed other positive points. In all agreed, the operation went almost without a manual. Although this was just simply designed, as well as the connection. Simple yet effective, the average opinion. Of course people who are actually to provide never satisfied. But here was distinguished precisely because much had resulted from misuse. This just covered the poor reception from the antenna. But this has nothing to do directly with the antenna, but with the area.Many radio stations are now using the Internet, which then the extension for antenna connection is hardly operated.Just then listen to the desired station on the Internet, because this this radio was finally built.

Simple but effective

The appearance is rather plain, but that belies the actual performance. This radio really has heard more than just radio. Especially since even their own music files can be played back, which in turn is many people more than important. Here, the delivery is really more than sparse. These include the most necessary things like:
  • A power supply
  • instruction manual
  • The remote control incl. Batteries
  • The actual device
These facilities says far nothing about the power of the device, because this was really considered by all to be very good. The appearance was regarded as very positive, especially since this radio does not much space. In addition, the large display, which the radio is almost by itself can be adjusted. Everything is clearly laid out, which is another very positive point. All in all, this radio for the price really all that is needed for good sound. Anyone who knows not good with such devices should be examined by the user only once. So then disappointment later be excluded.


conclusion guyApart from a few all came directly deal with this radio. Only once connected to the Internet, a wizard walks on. Those who observe this, will be able to quickly hear the first radio station. The operation does not work in some areas also very good via antenna, in others. But here many users declared that they just bought for this reason such a radio. With just a few simple steps and the alarm is set, which was a prerequisite for many users. So in the morning, nobody has overslept, but is equally aroused with his favorite stations. All in all, a radio that really leaves nothing to be desired, particularly with regard to the reception. Good found all that can be connected to both a USB stick as well as the MP3 player. Thus the whole day their music on the radio can be played undisturbed. At this point, all testers were then even agree, because that was tested first. Fast wireless connection without long waits were still highlighted. A radio that can really more, bringing the price then also really worth. What is more, the. Even after a change of position, that for the last station you listen to is played directly

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