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Genre: MEDION LIFE P85024 Internet Radio

What you should know about the MEDION LIFE P85024 Internet Radio

The Medion LIFE P85024 Internet Radio is already at first sight convincing counterparty to other comparable products. Convincing arguments are easy integration into a wireless network and many details that make it very comfortable this generation of radio listening enjoy. Digital audio is the technical performance, which today is a standard and ours of Medion confident in the result. Even the design has changed his few refinements and it is excellent what was on offer here as a User.

A report that speaks for itself when Medion LIFE P85024

Meets this Internet Radio also expectations that asks the customer? First of all, that is the mass of stations that can be received easily with this radio for the Internet, because thousands of channels waiting to be with this unit received and heard it. So you have already the quantitative advantage compared to traditional radio with terrestrial reception and here you get the latest technology at an acceptable price.

The environment and the design of the Medion LIFE P85024 Internet Radios

This radio can be easily in any environment contribute and will not appear overloaded, that is the first finding the offers to you with the view. Nothing is overdone and the functionality is in the foreground. However, it still catches the eye, because the well-proportioned display seems very futuristic, in a way. It's current technology which was packed here and the elements of the operation appear very pleasant modern. A comparison would show that this radio like a Dash-board behaves with which you can hear its audio files.

Which service is provided at a good price

First, it should be said, the function of listening to FM stations is obtained and a FM module ensures the classic way of listening to music and news. However, the device is intended to serve a different purpose and that the enjoyment of the Internet offer. This task masters of this rather small radio very well because the integration into the local wireless allows to hear all Internet stations there. The built-SSID makes it possible and secures the digital extension of music and news service from the Internet. The operation is at this point simply because a password has been saved and are to the corresponding network password a, these functions are now available. Now, the world opens up more than a thousand radio stations from the Internet, podcasts and Internet streaming are now reliably possible. The standard of encryption is WEP & WPA and the best stations that have been chosen as favorites, can be stored in a memory list. This ensures then after setting up direct access to the favorite channels. It continues with an expanded role in the wireless audio files that can be received by other devices such as the iPhone or other Android devices. For this one uses the WLAN and can then use these files when you listen. This is especially interesting in collection of favorite music and the following formats are possible; WMA, MP3 or FLAC. Also, access these formats to your own PC are possible and it opens up an endless acting world of music.

The possibilities of LAN and USB ports

You may be WLAN no other connection options available, so it is with this concept of the internet radio to connect to a LAN cable into a receptacle. This Medion Internet radio also features a USB port and a port for headphones. The audio jack is standard, enabling a completely access to all music needs to be heard. Here it can be seen, the design is mature and you need to buy any adapter. Who wants to operate from a distance their device gets to fix them the comfort, because on the one hand, there is a free app that you can download onto your smartphone, and then controls the Internet Radio via smartphone. It comes with a remote control is included and so is available for the remote control of two options. Again, comfort and balance. One should be noted however in the app, access via the app for remote control allows access only to basic functions, the actual fine-tuning has to be done, unfortunately on the device itself.

The sound quality of the Medion LIFE P85024

Measuring the sound quality to the outer features of Internet Radio from Medion, then respectable comparisons allow. This rather small acting device delivers a big sound. However, the values are low in comparison with the result, because only two times 5 Watt ensure this result the sound. Taking as a benchmark a room is medium in size, then you can say very bulky and tired of what was on offer that. But the built-in equalizer is at the heart of power, since this method brings the customer desires can you achieve expected. The range is acceptable because this Internet Radio you can use on the terrace or private balcony.

Details of the advanced features

An alarm clock and time are on board of the Internet Radio from Medion. The time is determined by the signal of the Internet and is always adjusted to date. The alarm can therefore be used carefully, because the time is also always accurate and the wake-up functions are available with a digital sound available or can accompany the music from the Internet. There are like a clock radio a snooze and sleep timer function that function well and making it possible to do much with.

The scope of supply at a reasonable price:

  • The radio
  • the remote control with its batteries
  • an instruction manual than manual
  • and an audio cable


conclusion guyThe Test Result of the Medion LIFE P85024 Internet Radio allows a positive and balanced scoring. First of all, the reliability, this radio for its requirements, because all announcements should meet this internet radio by the manufacturer, are actually available. This is evidence of good quality and a good price-performance ratio. the good overall impression is rounded off by the good sound results and safe operation.Compatibility is made safe, the customer has the choice without cables in WLAN mode or classically via LAN cable, all options are considered and met. The design is functional and yet unusually futuristic. A nice to seeing the display that can be integrated into any living environment. The test result is accordingly well and all requirements are met.

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