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Review: Hama IR100 Internet Radio

The Hama IR100 Internet Radio in video

What you should know about the Hama IR100 Internet Radio

Hama as the name is in the video, audio and PC for a wide range of products. Recently, some radio stations belonging to the range and that includes the IR110. What is noticeable in the device is that it has an integrated WLAN module and thus is to thousands of online radio stations from around the world, a wireless access is allowed. The Hama IR100 Internet Radio presents itself pleasantly compact with the dimensions of the casing of 12 centimeters in height, 16 centimeters wide and 16 centimeters deep. Although the look is a little old-fashioned, but this is, as with all devices taste. The device goes either via WLAN to the network, if no router exists, or classic with the LAN jack. The transmitter range can search in connection to new programs, popularity, genre of music, regions or countries. There are also presets for popular stations and here precisely 10 pieces in all. On the front side when the USB jack find memory sticks with WMA and MP3 files Place. There is also a manufacturer of the AUX input, an audio output and a headphone output. The setting is complemented by the 10-watt Boxenduo and some bedrooms tools.

The views and opinions

On the Web the wireless access is very convenient, because that can be dispensed with clutter. For every musical taste there to the transmitter in the web range. On the songs focus many network programs and annoying commercials and games is largely unnecessary. The product may score with the sound options. There's actually not just predefined sound images ready for the adaptation of low and high frequencies, there is also an equalizer. An alarm clock is very well positioned with many options and with two alarm times for programming. Programmable are volume, weekend, week, day and time. Especially in the bedroom of the display dimmer can be very useful. At Amazon, the radio is rated an average of 4.1 out of five stars and this is relatively orderly. may well arrive particularly the menu system and particularly the large range of functions. Regarding the sound quality is informed that this is promising.

The Internet Radio IR110

There is the right music for all situations. Each is connected to the Internet radio on the safe side, no matter if someone wants to listen to the radio or your favorite music has stored on the PC or Smartphone. The Internet Radio is a real all-rounder. More than 10,000 podcasts and more than 20,000 radio stations are received and this is certainly something for everyone with this. Each buyer can surf through many radio stations and raussuchen favorite channels. Samba rhythms from Brazil, Flamenco from Spain or HipHop from the United States. In the ten local storage locations, the stations can be stored by pressing a button and so everyone can quickly access the Favorites.

Playlists, compounds and Spotify Connect

Anyone can look at the free web portal Frontier Silicon for podcasts and radio stations. Whether someone likes listening to classical music or fancy French music has. Also reports or British talk shows are not a problem and the many filter options quickly matched channel are discovered. The sender will be filtered easily by relevance, popularity, language, genre and country, and after a few clicks the search was successful. If stations are not found again, so individual channels can be added. Anyone can create favorite lists and link them with the IR 110thRegarding the connection to Internet radio via WLAN or using a LAN cable can be connected to the network.intergrated a wireless antenna and the router direct connection is possible. Buyers are therefore very flexible and the radio can be completely customized to your needs. This means that the maximum security is guaranteed in wireless, security standards WPA2, WPA and WEP are supported. For superb music enjoyment there Spotify Connect. The Internet Radio is compatible with Spotify Connect. This is a streaming service that allows access to more than thirty million songs. Anyone can create own playlists, looking at the large song selection and favorite music is always and everywhere disposal. It does keien role whether on the IR-110 radio, tablet, smartphone or computer. It is only the Spotify Premium accound required, and thus the use permits. A simple download is sufficient, so that the music can be heard at the desired medium. The music that you are listening to, can be sent to the radio with a single keystroke. On the radio the song starts at the point where he was just traveling heard.

Line-In, app Stuerung and easy operation

If they have no Internet access or be present on strike on the Internet, then your music collection can be sent to the radio. With line-in any MP3 player, smartphone or PC can connect to the radio and then transfer the music. The two stereo speakers with 5 watts can also be used without an Internet connection. Directly on the Internet Radio can also be a USB flash drive can be connected and so music can be played. The Internet Radio can but even more, because the APP Hama Smart Radio may conveniently be operated by the tablet PC or your smartphone. Available this is for iOS and Android and it's free. All functions of a normal remote control are transferred to the APP. No one has so look for the remote control and the smartphone is usually at hand. Otherwise, however, also a remote control in which is included. For easy operation, there is an on-screen menu. The menu does without useless frills and is clear. Each has a full view through the ID3 tag display and thanks to RDS. Showing on the screen information about the artist, song, etc. It depends on the transmitter, which information is transmitted. Depending on the transmitter, the transmission is seen or the song being played. Especially with new songs this is practical, where you'd like to know what they are called.


conclusion guyWhoever trusts in Hama, the sets now on quality. Hama brand offers experience and expertise since 1923. There are at the Hama products always strict and comprehensive Qaualitätskontrollen. Currently must be expected about 110 to 150 euros inonline trading for the Internet radio.The equipment falls in relation to more than neat. It is a very solid offer and consumers have in this price segment a good opinion.

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