Technical characteristics

Reception range FM
station memory number 30
Tuner type Analog Tuner
CD number 1 x
comfort function alarm function, automatic shutdown, sleep timer (sleep), Auto Tune, watch
sound feature audio streaming, bass and treble, bass boost
display type LCD Display
components receiver, speaker x 2
housing property veneer, matt, MDF Cabinet
analog input AUX 3, 5 mm stereo (line in)
digital input USB
power output 2 x 10 Watt
System 1-way bass reflex
type of amplifier digital
with remote control available
Smartphone app control available
USB connection available
feature with many auxiliary functions


  • robust and proven technology
  • Bluetooth and wireless including
  • remote control with many features
  • high-quality speaker


  • DVDs can not be processed
Panasonic, the Japanese brand is present since many years successfully on the German market. In addition to TV devices and large electric machines, Panasonic unveils also hifi systems. Here, the Panasonic micro HiFi system SC-PM250EG-S in full delivery is available. Of course, it emitted a factory warranty for this great brand.

Delivery and included

In the scope of supply of the Panasonic micro is composed of a double rack included HiFi system SC-PM250EG-S the system itself. There is a radio and a CD player. Furthermore, a remote control for all functions and the sound is consisting of two speakers attached for the operation set. All together is protected, in a large cardboard box from shock and damage delivered. The cardboard can be disposed of via the recyclable material collection, he is required not to operate and also not for any claims.


to take, the system is in operation shall be taken it first from the packaging. The individual parts are additionally protected, also these protectors will be deducted. Be placed should the Panasonic micro HiFi system SC-PM250EG-S in a dry place on a straight surface. Normal household power is required for the operation. The boxes can be placed in the room or even hung up. This is left to the user. Cable to connect the micro system is located on the boxes. Therefore, the maximum distance to the system is of course limited. The battery is already inserted in the remote control. However, the battery is separated by means of a plastic bottle by the contacts. If it is extended, the remote works.

Operating the radio

an FM radio is built In the system. Thus, HiFi system SC-PM250EG-S is a radio channels in digital quality using the Panasonic micro possible. This may either in the scope of delivery included, also a connection with the House antenna or antenna be used. There is the possibility to store several stations and to be able to listen to his favorite stations and other simple toggle sender so at any time.

Operating the CD player

the CD player is a traditional machine what equipment is already used in many Panasonic. So, the CD player in the Panasonic micro HiFi system SC-PM250EG-S is a reliable and low-maintenance workhorse. The player can be played with all commercially available CDs and provides a sound experience.

Bluetooth wireless and USB operation

the Panasonic micro HiFi system SC-PM250EG-S technology offers the manufacturer at a really affordable price. So it can be connected to the system at home with the Smartphone or tablet. Thus, a play of play lists from the devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is possible. It must be purchased so even no CD more necessarily. It is sufficient just to download the desired music from the play store from Apple or Google. Just as easily, files from YouTube and other playlists can be genutztw. In addition, Panasonic even offers an app that the play data from an own store allows. If his music on a stick has can this is just insert in the device. The stick is automatically detected and played. Also here provided optimal listening pleasure.

Watch on the Panasonic micro HiFi system SC-PM250EG-S

the device has a digital clock. This watch will automatically inasmuch as the media device is connected. If no media is connected, the clock must be set manually. The clock has a timer function in addition and can so also alarm be used as. This is useful if the device is used centrally or were placed in a guest room.

Care and cleaning

many digital devices, including also the Panasonic micro HiFi system SC-PM250EG-S, are often vulnerable to dust. This is due to the surface and the load. Therefore, the system should be periodically wiped from the outside with a lint-free cloth. All internal parts are largely maintenance-free. Only in the CD player it may be contaminants through dirty CDs. To do this, a ReinigungsCD is required. It is available in specialist shops.


the Panasonic micro HiFi system SC-PM250EG-S is ideal for resale as the features offered by the device, will be up to date in a few years.


The Panasonic micro HiFi system SC-PM250EG-S is a device that should be in every household. The equipment sufficient to be able to hear radio, CDs and files quickly. The digital reproduction and the resulting beautiful sound is especially beautiful. The system is available for a relatively small price and offers much. The remote control contains all settings and allows for problem-free as a remote control.

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