Technical characteristics

Speaker configuration 5.1
power per channel 200 Watt
output power 5 x 200 Watt
speaker banana plug suitable screw terminals
preamp outputs subwoofer x 1
weight 4.5 kg
dimensions 43.0 x 15.0 x 37.0 cm
power consumption operating no data
3D-ready not available
USB port not available
not available gold-plated connectors
LipSync not available
with remote control available
Special suitable for Hi-Fi and PA applications. Full reverse karaoke microphone section fixed.


  • has a very good sound
  • easy to handle
  • the processing of the case is very good
  • very cheap in price


  • very loud fan noise
Auna AMP5100 5.1 is a home cinema system with Hi-Fi surround sound AV amplifier. In addition contains this a FM receiver with 1200 Watts Max and micro section with a 5.1/3.1/2.1 mode, equalizer, RCA, micro effects, and remote control in black. The channel 5.1 is used for radio reception, where the Auna AMP 5100 AV receiver as the basis for a home theater, as well as for karaoke and HiFianlangen is suitable for use. The receiver provides 1000 watts, which is composed of 2 times 100 Watts and 3 times 40 watts RMS. Fully enabled thanks to the 5.1 inputs and outputs as well as 3 x RCA input, 1 x Jack input. The following additional connections available: 1 x stereo cinch-VCD input, 3 x stereo RCA AC-3 input, 2 x 6, 3 mm jack microphone input, 1 x 3, 5 mm jack AUX in, 1 x RCA subwoofer output, 5 x set speaker terminals, 1 x aerial socket, 1 x set antenna Terminal, plus integrated equalizer with various DSP effects and preset stations 39. As far as the extensive technical data of the manufacturer, that many home theater operator can make happy. But here easy customers have receiver once tested in everyday life the Auna AMP 5100 AV and then communicated their experiences. These start then already at the port and then stop during use. Right here the advantages and disadvantages reflected quite quickly then, because this is, of course, simple consumers who would have perhaps only a better tone in the television shows. Therefore, customers were allowed to the Auna AMP 5100 AV receiver test, so that they can then share their experiences. Of course, they have placed also points, so that here there is a faster result.

Value for money class

these were also the first opinions, but then they went very far apart. Part is very satisfied with the Auna AMP 5100 AV receiver other again not. Here, then sometimes the processing was one reason why then points were deducted. Some customers was the Auna AMP simply still not loud enough 5100 AV receiver, where it then at least permanently delivers 320 Watts. Even when a customer of this receiver for on the way bought, here was more than satisfied with the performance. This then also praises the simple handling, deducting however a point. This is only because of the many components made of plastic, which concluded in this point deduction with a comment. Because much more expensive systems have at least as many parts made of plastic, which then again praised the very cheap price. A further point of criticism was that no standby function there is actually a remote control is unnecessary. As for the switching on and off must then be run on the device. Here, then something could improve the manufacturer.

Cheap and good

that was the general opinion, where there were always repeated the one or the other point deduction then. The other part was then somewhat awkward one half of the customers operation simply. A customer felt the fan much too loud, because it was reminiscent of an old PC. These were also very known for the very loud fan, since this really so some noise is suppressed. Thus was the Auna AMP 5100 AV receiver then 3.4 by 5 points, and thus e a clear purchase recommendation. Even for professional use, this is suitable, even if some customers had yet more demanding. Here the opinions differ then it considerably, but for a better sound on the television of Auna AMP is sufficient 5100 AV receiver guaranteed. Exactly for this purpose, most customers have bought the device and are therefore also very satisfied. However of Auna AMP for higher demands is rather unsuitable 5100 AV receiver what showed here also the reviews of customers.


All in all is the Auna AMP 5100 AV receiver a very good device, even if this has convinced not all customers. Some clients have disconnected then the fan, but only those who connected the Auna AMP 5100 AV receiver for the TV for a better sound. Here the Auna was able to convince even really fully all testers, because the sound quality is excellent. Some testers were so impressed that they have pronounced then also an unrestricted buy recommendation. All customers as convenient, with some praising even the very good workmanship of the case found the price. All in all is the Auna AMP recommended 5100 AV receiver, but only if no such high demands are made. Thus, the reasonable price make yet a sense. A customer takes the device for on the road and is more than happy with this. The power output is sufficient, even for larger rooms. Thus the Auna AMP can be recommended receiver only 5100 AV, just because of this one-time affordable price. Television is really possible with sound.

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