Technical characteristics

Performance 38 Watt
room size in m ² 36 m²
noise 40 dB
power level 3
filter system with water
board space 2,3 m 2
air circulation 130 m ³/h
water tank 7.25 liters
dimensions 30 x 30 x 34 cm
Weight 5.8 kg
Automatic available
special ultra quiet and dishwasher-proof


  • value for money
  • easy cleaning
  • easy operation
  • low volume
  • minimal power consumption


  • Aquafresh during refilling of water every time required to be
  • backlit at night very bright
Beurer LW model 110 humidifier combines the functions of air purification and humidification in a case. The renowned manufacturer this product called air scrubbers. The unit Beurer LW 110 humidifier is one of the few products on the market that are equipped with multiple functions. The combined device for spaces with a maximum size of 36 square meters is suitable according to the manufacturer. The best result is obtained with the Beurer LW with a room size of 20 square meters 110 humidifier. A higher humidity can already be measured two to three hours after the commissioning of the humidifier in the room. The Beurer LW 110 humidifier has the dimensions 300 x 300 x 340 cm and weighs 6 kg. It is quality and has an appealing design. The air washer consists of several chambers. In the Chambers, the air on the rotating humidification discs past strokes. Germs and bacteria adhere to the humidification discs. Due to the unique wash function that is integrated in the air humidifier Beurer LW 110, bacteria and germs have no chance to multiply and continue to spread. In addition, especially in the heating period usually too dry air is moistened. In the test, the Beurer LW model is also convincing 110 humidifier with lush facilities. The on / off switch is placed in the middle of the upper shell. The humidifier is equipped with three speed settings. Thus the cleaning performance and the volume of the device can be controlled. On the blue LCD display with integrated background lighting, important information, for example the water level, at a glance can be easy to read. If no water is more available in the tank, the device automatically turns off. Self-regulating humidification performance of Beurer LW 110 product came in the test also to complain about anything. The unit has no filters, which costs through the buy new filters will not be. Therefore, a particular hygienic result is obtained with the air washer. The Air Purifier works on the principle of cold evaporation. Pollen, animal dander, house dust and odors can be with the air washer completely and reliably from the air removed. The power consumption of this product is pleasingly low. In the test, a power consumption was measured when operating in level 1 of 19 Watts. In stage 2, the humidifier consumes 24 Watts when operating in level 3, and 34 Watts. During the test, a power consumption of just was determined when operating in stage 2 over a period of 12 hours 6 cents. In the test, the air washer in addition scores in level 1 and 2 with a minimal noise during operation, so that the humidifier can be recommended for nighttime use in bedrooms and children's rooms. However should, be taken especially in the winter, due to the elevated air humidity on a possible formation of mold, especially in the area of the window and the cold exterior walls because in these areas, water condenses more. The appliance can take simple in operation, use and clean. The Befeuchtigungsscheiben can be easily inserted into the device. The filling of the water tank is also very easy. The manufacturer recommends to clean the air washer every 14 days. Positive in the test proved that both the humidification discs as the water tank is dishwasher-proof and can therefore easily be cleaned in the dishwasher. The scope of supply of the air washer can be also seen. Included are 0.25l detergent to the descaling and 0.2 l of water addition to the germ-free attitude.


The Beurer LW 110 air washer ensures a totally new sense of space. The test has shown that could breathe better and free in rooms in which the humidifier Beurer LW 110 in operation was. The fact that germs and bacteria reliably be removed from the air, the usual cold surges can be avoided. For allergy sufferers, the Beurer LW 110 is a must-have. In detailed long-term test, the product of Beurer LW has 110 humidifier deserves a buy recommendation, additionally reinforced by the entirely positive customer reviews at Amazon.

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