Technical characteristics

Power 12 Watt
room size in m ² 20 m²
noise very quiet
performance levels continuously
water container 0.5 litre
dimensions 12 x 7.5 x 9 cm
Automatic available
feature with LED lighting, adjustable steam, cleaning brush, removable water tank


  • the effect is clearly noticeable
  • is absolutely easy
  • it is visually very chic
  • the manufacturer promises something much more
  • suitable only for small rooms and offices
with Beurer shows a very clever model the LB 12, because it's a mini humidifier that is suitable to travel or for the Office. The device is operated with the standard plastic water bottle and a removable water tank. The humidifier is equipped with the ultrasonic humidification technology. The device according to the manufacturer is suitable for rooms up to twenty square meters.

The equipment and handling of the air humidifier

Beurer mini humidifier offers the micro-fine atomisation with ultrasound. There are up to 80 milliliters of Nebulization capacity per hour and otherwise performance is 12 Watts. The Nebulization capacity is this infinitely variable. Operated the unit with plastic water bottles, which have 0.5 litres maximum. These bottles are not included and they are suitable as a removable water tank. Supplied are two adapter for a commercially available plastic water bottle. A backlit and adjustable mist outlet was installed and when the tank is empty, there are also the automatic. The appliance with the cleaning brush supplied and for the travel is also the storage bag with available. Really liked 12 may at the LB that this device is really very small, and that it is used with a bottle. This is interesting, because no additional tells is required. The device weighs only 300 grams and also visually the device represents a real eye catcher and is chic. The Befeuchterleistung can convince and rooms until down to 15 to 20 square meters can be ensured for the pleasant climate. Overall, the unit was very clean processes and no weaknesses show up at the test.

What the humidifier use?

For many people, the heating season represents a pain, because there are finally very many different complaints through the dry room air. The eyes and the nose are irritated, they catch fire and also the cold and risk of infection is increased. Just in the bedroom or the living room humidifier be set up for this reason and the same works in the Office. The 12 LB is a mobile variant, which is possible even on a desk. Because there are not always on fresh water, Beurer subsided over the very clever system for this purpose. Commercially available plastic water bottles with the capacity of up to 0.5 litre can be used easily. Two special adapter supplied with the humidifier and these can be used with most bottles, which are available on the market. There is a very easy to use. The buyer must buy a bottle of mineral water in the supermarket, the device is plugged in then and this is then inverted. Not only the easy handling is very important, but also the water level can also be observed. When the water tank the germs can be excluded almost, which exist in other humidifiers. This is the case only when the water bottles are not endless. The device is also also very quiet and it is thus ensured that it not interfere in the bedroom and the Office. The quiet and simple construction of course also has a disadvantage, because the power is only 220 milliliters per hour. 20 square metres up to of small humidifier that is ideal.


A total of humidifiers for very good prices offered and so excellent value for money. The humidifier is practical and beautiful ick. There are more than 120 customer reviews at Amazon and it be awarded on average of 4 out of 5 stars.

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