Technical characteristics

Power 115 Watts
room size in m ² 25 m ²
noise 35 dB
power level 3
water tank 4 Liter
dimensions 34 x 30 x 15 cm
Weight 3.8 kg
Automatic available
feature with ultrasonic Nebulization, LED display, touch, water preheating


  • 80W
  • up to 70 percent of Luftbefeuchtigung
  • up to 35dB
  • Touch Control
  • LED Display
  • 3 speed settings
  • 4 l capacity


  • only premises up to maximum 25 m² to moisten
a humidifier should be missing in any House, because a humidity of 50 percent is desirable to keep the respiratory system healthy and fresh. The human organism needs healthy air to breathe freely and even better at night as well as to be able to sleep through. Even when the cold season with heaters for the warm welcoming atmosphere at home, it is all the more important that the Steba LB humidifier is not absent 6 cube, to avoid the heating air and dry air. Are just so to make more bearable colds, asthma & co.

Of Steba LB 6 cube humidifier stands for a fresh style

the Steba humidifier is the stylish look of immediately apparent, and the least want them. It is, after all, a cube a cube and where else is there such modern humidifier, if not by Steba? The Steba LB 6 cube humidifier is appropriate on this occasion also optically guarantees for the youth and living room, because he immediately noticed and is perceived not as a nuisance. Not to mention that 34 x 15 x 30 cm in the dimension are also not bad to stow away to convince guests & co with a pleasant air humidification.

Technical details of Steba humidifier

humidifier is also 3.8 kilograms in addition to dimensions of 34 x 15 x 30 cm. But the weight is still for every shelf and every closet to stow the cube good humidifier. With the Steba LB 6 cube humidifiers are Luftbefeuchtigungen by 30 percent to more than 70 percent possible, get on the local conditions perfectly voted to as well as to the wishes of the consumer. 100ml / h up to 300ml / h are issued 6 LB as humidification by the cube by Steba, to ensure a good air humidification. Not to mention that a maximum room size of 25 m² for the humidifier is suitable. But technically is the Steba LB 6 cube humidifier worth an absolute recommendation.

Fair value for money coupled with expertise

in addition to a fair price range from in the cut to the 60 to 100 euros (depending on point of purchase), the cube is humidifiers recommended, because this is quiet in everyday life. Sleep at night and still hear no noise - that's what the Steba LB 6 cube can guarantee humidifier. Just under 35dB is here as an approximate indication of noise and this is by far not loud. In addition, inspires the cube just 40W humidifier and therefore belongs to the eco-friendly products from the House of Steba. The water tank can contain maximum 4 l what can of course make for a long time on air humidification. This humidifier, there are therefore certain know-how and convinced at all levels.

The practical Steba LB 6 cube humidifier is one of the must-haves for a good breath

of practical and small Steba LB 6 cube humidifier is really visually in black and Red a catcher. Not to mention that this product with much technical know-how can convince, and to be seen at the fair price range is. In addition, it must be noted that saving accents even power, because with just 80W of eco-electricity is guaranteed here. There is access to good breath worth an absolute recommendation.


The quiet Steba LB 6 cube humidifier that belongs on every case in every household to provide an air humidity of up to 70 percent. Should be noted in addition that the cube a has modern technical program such as touch display, LED display and 3 speed levels. The product is suitable for rooms up to maximum 25 m² and should not be missed for a healthy breath. Who is asthmatic, has trouble breathing, or would like to breathe just like to fresh air, which should not abandon the stylish cube.

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