Topcom BW 4751 Heating ceiling

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Test report: Topcom BW 4751 Heizdecke

The Topcom BW-4751 electric underfloor heating system has proved to be one of the most comfortable heaters for beds and other sleeping arrangements. The cold season does not bother if you can preheat a bed in this way.  


  • 3 heat settings
  • Measurements 150x70 cm
  • For 1 person
  • Material: polyester
  • Washing machines are suitable


Made from very soft polyester, this heat sink is a very pleasant utensil in the cold season. It warms up enough space for 1 person and can easily be switched off when you have fulfilled your heat demand. It is found to be particularly favorable that the regulator part is removable. The electric blanket can be washed in the washing machine. Hygiene requirements are met. The heat corner can be easily folded, do not kink !! This is very important, because inside the heating line runs and is possibly damaged during such treatment. It is best to store it in the plastic bag with the hygienic plastic handles until the next heating season.  

Heat protection and regulation

An overheat protection is integrated. The thermal protection is thus guaranteed. The control is possible in 3 stages.Very practical is the sliding switch. The marking of the three stages is marked with tangible points. So you do not have to stand up and look for the desired control. The points are side by side, so the difference of 1 point and then 3 points is easy to feel. If fears that you fall asleep and possibly burn, can turn off at all times. With the thought of it one can not fall asleep quietly and the sleep becomes not restful.  

Group of people

For people of advanced age, this electric topcomer is especially comfortable. The heat requirement has become much higher and this ceiling warms the entire bed surface. Even for children, who have been outdoors in the snow and now come home frozen, it is after the bathtub the next pleasure in the warm bed to lie. Or simply for those who want to be warm and cuddly.  

Health promoting properties

This electric top com bed is a valuable aid in all diseases that are associated with muscle pain and joint pain. With the pre-heated bed, the blood circulation is stimulated and the self-healing forces are thereby activated.  


Conclusion guyA heat sink, like this Topcom heating blanket, fulfills the wishes for warmth in the sleeping areas. Because it is washable, there are also hygienic concerns. The fluffy material is pleasant and increases the cuddly sensation. Especially when you suffer from a lot of complaints, such as muscle tension and joint problems, it does well when the bed is preheated. A heating pad always warms only partially. This electric electric blanket as an under bed, is for the large area. Not only older people who are suffering from such ailments but also for children, it is a good feeling to get into the preheated bed. Especially children, in whom the temperature control in the body does not yet function as mature and well-played, benefit from the warm electric topcom bed.

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