AEG WZD 5648 Heating blanket

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Test report: AEG WZD 5648 electric blanket

What are the characteristics of the AEG heating blanket?

This heating blanket is instantly loved by everyone, it is soft, warm and fluffy. One can cuddle super into the ceiling, without which it is hard or one annoying cable senses. The blanket is very skin-friendly, it scratches and it does not itch. The blanket also barely flickers, of course it loses a few lint. But this does any blanket when it is new.  

What are the functions of the AEG heating blanket?

The heating blanket of AEG is very well processed and thought. Its standards include the following functions: - an adjustable timer, this can be switched between 1 and 9 hours. The heating blanket then switches off. - an electronic temperature control, the heating ceiling always stays the same, even if the room temperature changes. - 10 different temperature levels, the ceiling can be adapted to the needs very well.  

What is the electric blanket from AEG good for?

Everyone who once came to enjoy a heating blanket knows how nice that is. But this one is particularly good for frozen people. Since the ceiling has different temperatures, it can be used even in cold weather. As soon as one is warmer again, the ceiling can be switched downwards. So you are neither too warm nor too cold. Also for back pain, the AEG heating blanket is very recommendable, as you can cover not only with the blanket, but also can easily put on it.  

What are the advantages of the heating blanket?

One of the biggest advantages of the blanket is that it is washable. You can put them in the washing machine. No extra cover has to be placed over the ceiling. It can be easily used and washed as required. This also plays an important role in hygiene since many blankets are not washable. But the AEG heating blanket can be washed.  

What is the security of the AEG heating blanket?

The heating blanket from AEG can easily be used in the elderly as well, since it has a fuse. That is, if the blanket should get a short circuit for undefined reasons, the fuse will fly out and the blanket will be switched off immediately. If you want to be safe, turn on the ceiling and use the timer. Since the timer can be set up to 9 hours, you can be sure that the blanket will heat up all night, but will go out automatically in the morning. Even during continuous operation you do not have to worry about, in the ceiling a so-called overheating protection was installed. This means, as soon as the ceiling exceeds a certain temperature, it turns off.


Conclusion guyWhen buying the AEG heat blanket you can not go wrong. It is convincing in the first place with its many positive features and its versatile abilities. The least blankets, can be washed, are fluffy and soft at the same time and still have a temperature control. If you still have to consider, you only have to deal with the safety aspects and you are already convinced that the warming cover is one of the best models.Anyone who decides for this model is certainly the right choice.

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