Sanitas SWB 30 Heating blanket

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Test report: Sanitas SWB 30 electric blanket

The Sanitas SWB 30 electric blanket is a good way to keep warm in the bed or on the sofa during the winter and not to have to freeze. In addition, thanks to the warming properties, this heating blanket can also be used for various ailments such as muscle tension and the like.  

Classic design

If you see the Sanitas SWB 30 heating blanket, you can see at first glance that this is a classic heating blanket.Because the look of this heating blanket could not be more classical. So this electric blanket has a normal quilting finish and is held in a cream white.  

Practical and logical construction of the heating ceiling

This heating blanket has a very practical construction and also for the heat conduction. Thus, the upper and lower side are made of nonwoven. The heat is transmitted even better and has a kind of cuddling effect. The warmth in the Sanitas SWB 30 heating blanket is uniformly transmitted through the construction in quilting optics and is the same in every single "quilting compartment". Thus, the structure is particularly well thought-out and logical. This heating blanket is also made of high-quality Ökotex 100. The practical implementation is also very good. This results in a good and very satisfactory result in terms of heat function with the Sanitas SWB 30 heating blanket.  

Easy to handle

A heating blanket must not be too complicated to operate. After all, no one would be forced to have to "fiddle" around the heating blanket until the heating blanket can be used. With the Sanitas SWB 30 electric blanket you do not get this problem. The available three temperature levels can be set completely uncomplicated on the control element. Turning this heating blanket on and off is also quite straightforward. In addition, it can of course be used simply as a bed base by simply spreading it on the bed. In addition, it can also be used as a blanket, simply by throwing the Sanitas SWB 30 heating blanket over the legs or the upper body.Another special feature of this heating blanket is that it can also be washed easily.  

Good performance with pleasant temperatures

The three different temperature levels of the Sanitas SWB 30 heating blanket ensure that the temperature of the heating blanket itself can be selected. So you always get an individual heat distribution and can use this heating blanket very well. After all, you do not always want to have the full heat output, because one is not quite so cold, for example, and a small additional heat already suffices. Exactly for this, this heating blanket is of course also intended, for the individual use, depending on the heat requirement.  

Security system available

Many people are afraid of heating blankets. Because you always hear again that such things have already triggered a fire. With the Sanitas SWB 30 electric blanket you can push these fears but far away. In contrast to many other heating blankets, the Sanitas SWB 30 heating blanket has a sophisticated security system. This heating blanket on the body is not too hot and an overheating is not possible with it. Finally, it has good overheat protection, so this heating blanket turns off automatically when it gets too hot.  


Conclusion guyThe Sanitas SWB 30 heating blanket is a very solid heating blanket that does not have to freeze in winter. For this purpose, however, they can also be used as relaxants for muscle tension or back pain. The handling and handling is very simple and completely uncomplicated.

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