Medisana HUB electric blanket

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Test report: Medisana HUB Heizdecke

The Medisana HUB underbed is an electrically operated heater for the whole bed with high comfort.


  • 2 temperature settings
  • Safety system with overheat protection
  • Color white
  • Weight1, 5 Kg
  • Dimensions 150 x 80 x 3 cm
  • Power 60 watts
  • Voltage 230 Volt
  • Material textile very pleasant soft
  • Control unit with 2.35 m mains cable

Medisana HUB heat-bed comfort

Not only in the cold time of the year but also for a pre-heated and comfortable bed. Even very strenuous times with lots of sports or even a lot of stress, leave the body tired and limp. A hot bath and then into a bed with cozy warmth.So you can sleep, recover and give the body strength again. The size of the electrically heated lower bed of 1.50 m is sufficient for one person. The function "Safety system with overheating protection" protects you from high heat development. The material is a polyester fleece.  

Medisana HUB heat exchanger operation

When the heat bed is spread smoothly on the bed, the straps under the longitudinal sides and a suitable band can achieve a tight orientation transversely and longitudinally. The warming down bed must not be wrinkled, which would limit the function and cause damage. The bedlaken is laid over it and draws everything smoothly. When an upper bed rests on the heat develops faster. Step to heat up, then suffice for continued operation Stage 1. Recommended is the pre-heating of the bed approx. 30 minutes before sleeping.  

Medisana HUB Heat Cradle Health Aspects

After the many efforts of everyday life, the muscle hardening not only can be felt, even the knots which disappear on the warming bed can be felt. The heat dissipated the tensions and the blood flow is intensified. Just untrained bodies, which are suddenly confronted with sports activities, thank the warm support. The body has many possibilities of self healing that can be well activated with sufficient heat.  

Medisana HUB heat-bed controllability

2 settings on the heat transfer bed allow for the pleasant and sustained warming of the body. Individually, what you can do well. The cable remote control provides good service. If you are relaxed and resting on it and notice how the blood flow to the body, you can not get up and switch. The cord is 2.35 m long and is sufficient for the operation in lying down very well. The sliding switch is easy to operate and the step adjustment is easy to recognize in red. The overheat protection with automatic cut-off protection prevents excessive heat generation.  


Conclusion guyThe use of the warming under bed Medisana HUB 60215 is very comfortable. Suitable is for those who appreciate a pre-heated bed very much. For small children and frail people, use should only be carried out under supervision. The operation is so easy with the sliding switch, but not suitable for careless play with it. For health reasons, the use is a wonderful addition to relaxing activities.

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