Philips FC6148 ECO Handstaubsauger
Philips FC6148 ECO in the test: Read our recent review of the Philips FC6148 ECO and compare it with other vacuum cleaners.

Philips FC6148 ECO - Review

Although discloses the Philips FC6148 ECO in our test certainly one or the other weakness, but he achieved the highest score among all the tested battery suckers. Read here why Philips is worth the money. check now the current price at Amazon and get up to 16% discount


The FC6148 is a recommended retail price of 89.99 euros not only for Philips one of the top models , but also in comparison with the battery vacuum cleaners from other manufacturers well in the upper price segment at home. Compared to the cheaper models Philips offers here in return, especially a higher quality battery and more power. While most other devices with 3.6 to 7.2 have to get V voltage, by executing the FC6148 10.8V battery ready. We want to examine the test if the suction power accordingly is higher because of the significantly better FC6144 convinced us in the area also. While this is offered in the online mail order already for around 40 euros, usually 65 to 70 euros will be charged for the FC6148.


Like most current cordless vacuum it is also the Philips ECO FC6148 not rely on a dust bag, because the dirt is taken here in a small housing chamber. This holds 0.5 liters and can be easily opened with a push of a button, what an uncomplicated emptying promises. The sucked dirt is always visible through the transparent casing and is displaced by the cyclone technique in rotation. Nevertheless takes a 2-stage filtration system is used, which is to first take rough and eventually even smaller particles. The filters can be relatively easily cleaned and a new purchase is here at least the medium actually not necessary. The 3 Lithium-ion batteries are connected in series, thus producing 10.8 volts. They also promise faster loads, longer life and lower weight than would be possible with cheaper batteries. With almost 950 grams of FC6148 falls then actually very slightly from what would benefit the handiness. Apart from the actual Handstaubsauger are a loading station and two slip- in. A brush attachment allows gentle cleaning of sensitive surfaces and approximately 6 cm long crevice tool achieved through tough spots.

Test result - very economical

Akkusauger are most likely located in the lower price region and it shows many models also, but not the Philips FC6148. The materials used to make consistently a high-quality appearance and also determines the quality of workmanship . Here, the components do not fall off and fit exactly on the suction opening. Nothing wobbles or rattles and thanks to the low weight and the rubberized handle round the nipple is also good in the hand. Although the focus is near the front, resulting in a certain heaviness, the operation provides the then but no disadvantage. The charging station can be mounted on a wall or simply placed on a shelf. Here you will find not only the Akkusauger place, but fortunately can be stowed here, the two essays. While charging the battery is active, a small LED will flash once it is finished, it will light up permanently. Here, according to Philips is hardly wasted power and the battery is protected against overloading. While still a minimum current flowing to our measurement even when the battery is charged (significantly less than 1 watt), but this is in practice actually negligible. The Philips has 2 Saugkraftstufen that over a fairly fiddly slide switches are selected. Uncomplicated hand then actually manages the emptying of the dust container. The front part of the Mini Vac can be easily removed and the rear part are then tapped directly from the dustbin. However, the filter should be cleaned as regularly as possible, as otherwise may decrease the suction power quickly. Speaking suction force that can win us over in the test in almost all assigned tasks. Neither animal hair, crumbs or pebbles in the car represent a real problem, provided the filter is separate and fully charged the battery as possible. Although this allows a maximum operating time of about 10 minutes , thereby improves the performance but after about 6-7 minutes noticeably. For a new charge, he must then first around 8 hours in the station spend. Compared to the competition, a good value. check now the current price at Amazon and get up to 16% discount

Test result - the reference

The Philips FC6148 ECO is not a bargain, but it's true here really the whole package. Great quality, sensible features, ease of use and convincing suction. For 70 euros you get here one of the best battery operated vacuum cleaner ever.
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