Fakir AS 1072 NT Handstaubsauger
Fakir AS 1072 NT in the test: Read our recent review of the Fakir AS NT 1072 and compare him with other vacuum cleaners.

Fakir AS 1072 NT - Review

The Fakir AS NT 1072 is convincing in the test mainly thanks to the high-quality workmanship and extensive equipment. When it comes to suction power he does have a disadvantage compared to some competitors, but he could be right for you Akkusauger just might.Read more in the test. check now the current price at Amazon and get up to 34% discount


In 1933, Wilhelm Kicherer founded the company Fakir (Apronym from "Family Kicherer") in Baden-Württemberg Mühlacker. In the early days it has focused on the production of floor cleaning equipment and over the years also heating / cooling devices and kitchen appliances are then happened.But even today the original focus is evident when looking at the range. In addition to cylinder vacuum cleaners of all kinds Fakir also has various Akkusauger offer. Among them, the tested here Fakir AS 1072 NT, successor to the highly successful IC 1022. The AS 1072 NT comes with a price of around 50 euros quite in the upper price segment to settle and it will be interesting to see if the performance accordingly convincing fails.


The "NT" in the product name, it already indicates the AS 1072 is a wet-dry vac . Besides the usual dirt so you can thus - the appropriate attachment provided - imbibe liquids. Here one is limited to a maximum amount of 0.25 liters, while the capacity for dry particles is given as 0.4 liters. The 6-cell NiMH battery pack to the hand vacuum cleaner with a voltage of 7.2 volt supply and for a period of about 15 minutes. Includes battery weighs the Fakir not quite a kilo and is available in 5 different color combinations. In addition to the actual hand vacuum cleaner and the battery and a charger cable and wall bracket, as well as 3 different attachments are included in delivery. A furniture brush, crevice tool and wet suction nozzle, with the as mentioned above, up to 0.25 liters of fluid can be absorbed. In the charging station can be stored next to the vacuum cleaner and the accessories. Although a three-stage charging indicator light on top of the AS 1072 indicates the active charging process, but not its conclusion. More on this in the test report below.

Test Result - a bit weak on the chest

That the Fakir AS 1072 NT is not one of the cheapest battery suckers, you realize straightaway. The workmanship can be just as convincing as the materials used and also the feel of the nipple like. The device is very comfortable to hold and also the accompanying essays do not fall back here. They can be changed very easily, then sit but firmly and reliably on the AS 1072 NT. The wall bracket / charging station is also designed, but unfortunately it is also the only way to charge the battery. So if you want to do without the wall bracket, the Mini Vac has at least for the duration of charging to park still in the station. A separate charging cable was comfier here . As already mentioned, the various components can also be stored in the station, but this does not apply for the squeegee tool. Bit of a shame that one has as at least a part lying around again anywhere else on the shelf.Otherwise, which is operating the Fakir but a breeze . Thanks to the transparent envelope can be seen well when emptying the container is due and then designed also pleasantly easy. By pressing a button, the front part can be removed and the contents dump straightforward. A little complicated, however, can, especially with prolonged use, the effect on / off switch, because the need to be kept in operation always pressed. The suction power of the Fakir offers then, given the low voltage values of the battery, no big positive surprises, but also no negative. Small particles such as crumbs, dust or ashes he takes on reliable while he quickly meets with heavier particles or animal hair to its limits. Add to this that he indeed enough power for about 15 minutes of operation has, but it felt ceases the suction after 5-6 minutes. The charging time of about 15 hours is in the device class is quite common and not a real disadvantage. check now the current price at Amazon and get up to 34% discount

Test result - right package

The AS 1072 NT Fakir comes with a price of 50 euros partially one of the best wet / dry vacuum cleaner at all. If you can dispense with the wet function, there is the AS1072 T as pure dry vacuum. Otherwise identical, it is even further increased by some 10 euros cheaper.
Compare the Fakir AS 1072 NT with other devices in our Handstaubsauger comparison test .

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