Dirt Devil M137 Gator Handstaubsauger
Dirt Devil M137 Gator in the test: Read our recent review of the Dirt Devil M137 Gator and compare it with other vacuum cleaners.

Dirt Devil M137 Gator - Review

The M137 Gator convinces in test especially with the very strong suction power, which is unique in the field of hand vacuum cleaners. The processing is tidy and also otherwise he shows no major weaknesses. check now the current price at Amazon and get up to 57% discount

Dirt Devil

The American manufacturer Dirt Devil has specialized for over 50 years in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners of all kinds. Meanwhile, the bid is extended and it is now, for example, steam and high pressure washers ago, but the core business still make vacuum cleaner. In addition to traditional bag vacuum cleaners Dirt Devil also offers bagless models, robotic vacuum and also 3 different Handstaubsauger. The devices are priced all between 30 and 60 euros, with the tested here M137 Gator at the upper end of the price scale is. Looking at the technical details but it is clear that he should be in terms of performance up front. We want to check the test whether the M137 delivers what the data promise and whether it can convince in all other categories.


The supplied batteries have a capacity of 1500 mAh and supply the engine of the Dirt Devil M137 Gator with a voltage of 18 volts. According to the manufacturer the battery provides enough energy for about 10 minutes of operation and is fully charged via the power supply after approximately 16 hours. Fortunately, indicates a small LED that its battery is charging and turns off when it is completed. At a station or a wall bracket you have here, however, do without , since charging takes place exclusively via the included power cord. This is, after all, adequately dimensioned with a length of nearly 2 meters. The hand vacuum cleaner is weighing around 2.3 kg not exactly a lightweight, but also provides the dust container but space for 0.2 liter dirt. It is a two-piece filter set to ensure that the dust remains actually inside the Dirt Devil and is not distributed with the air in the room. This is the way to a permanent filter, which need not be replaced as a rule, but can be easily washed when needed. Thanks to an extendable crevice tool should also narrow gaps can be cleaned, plus has a brush attachment for carpets or upholstered furniture included. The brush is motorized and is thus able to solve stubborn dirt, such as animal hair and absorb.

Test Result - suction pur

As mentioned above, the Dirt Devil M137 Gator is not just the handiest among the hand vacuum cleaners because of the relatively high weight. But thanks to the massive appearance he is also very robust and easy quality as clearly lighter equipment. Nothing is loose or looks cheap, only the plastic surface provides space here for a little criticism. This is in fact not particularly resistant and prone to scratches . This is to cope with, may cause a slight abrasion on bright surfaces but also times. In addition, the brush sits relatively loose and can come off occasionally, a snap here would in any case have been preferable. The M137 carries the suffix "Gator" (eng. Alligator) for good reason, because the cover of the dust container here opens like the mouth of a crocodile. This happens very straightforward touch of a button and mainly coarse dirt falls out of the rather large hole quasi out of itself. Only fine dust can form and sometimes has to be removed by hand lint filter. The filter is washable and can be added as needed simply be cleaned under the tap. Additional expenses may also cause the rotating brush, because the love handles sucked hair or threads on. Thus the brush quickly loses its effect and must be removed and cleaned somewhat more complex apart. But if the brush is clean and the filter are free, the power of the Dirt Devil M137 Gator is quite impressive. So also cat hair on carpet or the sofa is not a major problem. Also drawn in ashes, as out of the fireplace or the ashtray in the car, he keeps completely to himself . The filters are then rapidly tight course and must be cleaned. Here, the Gator is certainly not the quietest of all Handstaubsauger , but thanks to the sonorous operating noise is never unpleasant. check now the current price at Amazon and get up to 57% discount

Test result - optimal for Pets

The 18 V and the motorized brush ensure the Dirt Devil M137 Gator for a suction that is unparalleled. Especially for pet owners it should therefore, also thanks to the fair price of mostly less than 60 euros, to be more than just an alternative. Weighing 2.3 kg, but it is also not easy and, depending on the attitude of the arm may be a bit difficult as fast.
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