AEG junior 2.0 Akkusauger
AEG junior 2.0 in the test: Read our latest report for AEG Junior 2.0 and compare it with other vacuum cleaners.

AEG junior 2.0 - Review

With the Junior 2.0 shows AEG that a good battery vacuum cleaner does not have to cost necessarily more than 30 euros. Although he discloses in test some weaknesses such as the charging station or the minimum equipment, the bottom line still remains a strong buy recommendation. check now the current price at Amazon and get up to 39% discount


The AEG ( A eneral E lektricitäts- G ompany) was once one of the main producers of electrical appliances of all kinds, but exists today only as a brand name. The corporation was dissolved in the year 1996 and the name finally adopted by the Swedish group Electrolux.And so AEG appliances from all divisions are still available, including Akkusauger in different price ranges. In addition to the popular series Rapido has also smaller Liliput and the here tested Junior 2.0 on offer. The latter two are thereby quite similar at first glance, but there are minor differences, also in the inner life. We want to examine what makes the Junior at a price of around 30 euros and which device is ultimately the better choice.


The AEG Junior 2.0 is his name do justice, he is one of the smallest and lightest battery operated vacuum cleaner ever. This is certainly to be weighing in at just over 500 grams but praise, just looking at the performance of the batteries then predominates but skepticism. The three permanently installed batteries have a combined capacity of 1,300 mAh and make it a voltage of only 3.6 volts ready. Such values are of course completely irrelevant, as long as the suction is true, but more in the test results below. The Junior 2.0 is shipped with a small wall bracket, which also serves as a charging station. Other accessories such as attachable or a separate charging cable one seeks in vain. A charging indicator light indicator shows that the charging process, an indication when the battery is full, but missing. The dust container takes a maximum of 350 ml and does not rely on a dust bag. Only the replaceable filter needs to be replaced eventually after prolonged usage. With a price of around Euro 3 but these are encouraging low.

Test result - not the strongest

Although this is one of the best handheld vacuum cleaner, the build quality does not stand out negatively. The Junior is despite the low weight good and high quality in the hand and also the on / off seems durable. The charging station turns out to be but unfortunately a bit cumbersome , because it assumes the nipple often only after repeated readjustment. If the station is mounted on a wall that is hardly worth mentioning, really annoying but it is when it is not just bolted, but lies loose on the shelf. In such cases, would be an extra power cord that allows direct connection is desirable. But the low price then calls up somewhere compromises. The batteries are permanently installed, unfortunately, in the case of a defect replacement is therefore not readily possible. Operation is then but - typical battery operated vacuum cleaner - easy. The starts an existing button and ended the suction operation and the emptying of the collecting container is trivial . With a short rotation allows the front of slimming and dump the debris from the Junior 2.0. Every now and then the filter should thereby however also be purified, which can be easily knocked out or sucked out with another vacuum cleaner. A smallpoint of criticism in the test was the cloud of dust that the AEG has separated directly after emptying when first turned on. Apparently he blows it but dissolved still located inside dust with the exhaust air, and it is therefore recommended, best to do it outdoors. Otherwise, the laterally ejected air is not really disturbing. According to the manual is a charging time of about 24 hours is necessary until the full capacity is reached. Due to lack of display, it can not verify this, because you have simply no way to check the charge level. After 24 hours at the outlet of the Junior allowed in any case a little more than 8 minutes of operation . The typical tasks like crumbs on the table or cat litter on the ground he masters so with no problems. With slightly heavier particles or other problem cases like animal hair in the carpet, he arrives contrast to its limits. check now the current price at Amazon and get up to 39% discount

Test Conclusion - great price

The AEG Junior 2.0 is handy, light, very cheap to buy and still properly processed. The suction power is indeed only average, but for everyday use in the household quite sufficient.
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