Dirt Devil M135 Gator Handstaubsauger
Dirt Devil M135 Gator in the test: Read our recent review of the Dirt Devil M135 Gator and compare it with other vacuum cleaners.

Dirt Devil M135 Gator - Review

When Dirt Devil M135 Gator is a solid Akkusauger who can exploit its strengths, especially in the home or car.In all disciplines he scores reliably, but really to shine without. check now the current price at Amazon and get up to 46% discount

Dirt Devil

Originally the company was founded over 100 years ago in the American Ohio and was specialized at the beginning to provide the highest quality and expensive vacuum cleaner. Since the 1980s, it operated under the brand name "Dirt Devil" with cheaper devices to the mass market. In addition to conventional cylinder vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and Saugrobotern also are different Handstaubsauger and Akkusauger in the portfolio.The tested here M135 Gator is the little brother of the M137 and with a price of around 40 Euro cheaper as well. Among other things this skimp on performance, because while the M137 18 V features, the M135 can only fall back to 9.6 V. Our test will show if the negative impact in practice or whether the small to the big brother maybe can play a trick.


Despite the relatively small engine "power" of 9.6 volts and not using a dust bag, the Dirt Devil M135 Gator weighs just 1.2 kg . Nevertheless, he is a pleasant handy vacuum cleaner, because it relies on no cable connection and power directly from the replaceable Ni-MH batteries refers. These are loaded via the mains cable in approximately 16 hours and then provide enough energy for about 10 minutes of operation. In a charging station or a wall bracket, however, was dispensed with M135. The integrated dust container can hold up to 180 ml , can be emptied by pressing a button and can be washed.In the dust container is a textile-permanent filter, which can also be cleaned under running water. While the Dirt Devil M135 Gator comes already during normal operation even in the most difficult places, but he also still has an extendable crevice tool . This prolongs the suction significantly and thus allows the cleaning of particularly narrow gaps and crevices.

Test Result - average suction

The processing and the design of the Dirt Devil M135 Gator are properly managed, but no more. While he may well like in the new state, the surfaces quickly prove as quite prone to scratches . Especially the area around the suction port is quickly covered with various scratches and also the rest of the case is a very short time clear signs of use. But these are all just superficial, because the function is of course in no way influences. In our test the battery has after a night at the outlet by concise 12 minutes and then the performance has deteriorated noticeably. This may seem not very long, is usually sufficient but loose out to draw, for example, the steps, the area around the litter box or the car. And thanks to the lockable on / off switch does not have to constantly be pressed a button, as with some other battery operated vacuum cleaner is still the case. If the M135 is dependent on the power supply and the battery is fully charged, you can see the way of the extinct LED, which lights up only when being charged. According to instructions of the Dirt Devil M135 Gator should not hang out with full battery power on for extended periods of time, otherwise they can suffer and subside in performance. Emptying the dust container has proven to be fairly straightforward , as it literally jumps on a button. This must be done because of the small size, but also quite often. In addition, the duration filter should be cleaned regularly, because otherwise suction performance drops quickly. That does not always happen with water, but you can relieve him with a small brush from dirt also easy. With an empty container and free filter the Dirt Devil M135 Gator convinced then also with the necessary suction. Only with animal hair on carpet he must quickly throw in the towel, since the power is simply not sufficient. The extendable crevice tool is convenient, but is here by the greater distance also a little suction is lost. check now the current price at Amazon and get up to 46% discount

Test result - satisfactory

The Dirt Devil M135 Gator is free of superlatives. He's not the most expensive, not the cheapest, not the best but not the worst hand vacuum cleaners on the market. There are simply more robust Akkusauger no major weaknesses. If there is to be a little more power, of around 20 euros more expensive might M137 Gator be an option.
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