Black & Decker PAV1205-XJ Handstaubsauger
Black & Decker PAV1205-XJ in the test: Read our recent review of the Black & Decker PAV1205-XJ and compare it with other vacuum cleaners.

Black & Decker PAV1205-XJ - Review

For a price of around 40 euros Black & Decker offers the PAV1205-XJ a hand vacuum cleaner especially for the car. Our testing shows that he is in his element, especially in the car, but with the right accessories is quite an all-rounder. check now the current price at Amazon and get up to 23% discount

Black & Decker

The origin of the American company is located in the American Baltimore, where the two entrepreneurs Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker first operated in 1910, a small hardware store. Already a short time later they were with various proprietary technologies like the first portable electric grill or the first drill with pistol grip and "withdrawal" successful. After a merger with Stanley Works is the brand "Black & Decker" since 2010 part of the Stanley Black & Decker Inc .. Under the brand name in addition to tools and machines of all types and cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners are currently sold. The range includes solely in the field of battery operated vacuum cleaner around 20 models , plus 4 special car sucker. The tested here PAV1205-XJ is the most favorable among the car suckers .


Typical of an auto-hand sucker was the Black & Decker PAV1205-XJ dispense with a battery, it is therefore always rely on a cable connection. The cable is but fortunately generous with a length of 5 meters and allows freedom of movement in almost all situations, not only in the car. Even without additional accessories to connect to a power outlet is not available, instead of the hand vacuum cleaner is limited to a car cigarette lighter. Since the is standardized and not more than 12 Volts, which is thus also the basis for the motor of PAV1205-XJ. According to the manufacturer it thus generates up to 11 watts of power and an air flow rate of 859 liters per minute. On a dust bag Black & Decker has neglected and instead ends up the dirt in a container with a capacity of 350 milliliters . This not only saves consequential costs for bags, the collection container is also easily can be emptied by pressing a button. Approximately every 12-18 months would only have to be replaced, the internal filter with the label VF50, what then apply around 10 euros. In addition to the actual hand cleaner with extendable crevice tool are included also an upholstery nozzle, an extension tube and a practical storage bag.

Test result - not a sprinter, a long-distance runner

In addition to the good name Black & Decker manages to start directly the successful and well-known from other tools Design Trust. Of course, the PAV1205-XJ is "only" from relatively lightweight plastics, nevertheless true, the build quality and it is also difficult and high quality in hand. The cleaner and the accessories can be very comfortable stowed in the enclosed bag and find just about under the driver's seat or in the trunk on the road course. While the relatively high weight of promises of hardly one kilogram one hand an ordinary processing, it makes the other hand, unfortunately, sometimes for heavy arms. Just when you suck in the car with an outstretched arm, the weight makes already noticeable after a few minutes. As a further point of criticism in the field of handling proves to the test the plug, because the engaged not particularly a cigarette lighter. It happens from time to time, that solves the connection and you have to plug in the plug again. The emptying of the container really proves it then but when extremely straightforward . By design, the power of the Black & Decker PAV1205-XJ is limited to 12 volts and accordingly one may at the suction of course expect miracles. Light but dirt particles like hair, small stones or leaves he takes on carpet very reliableon. Negative the manageable power then affects primarily on larger areas, because that then takes really much longer. But the enclosed hose and the brush attachment so can not reach their full potential, because by the extension power is also lost. However, the pivotable about 200 ° nozzle is then precisely in cramped quarters a real asset . The sucking of the dashboard in the car about making it a real pleasure. check now the current price at Amazon and get up to 23% discount

Test result - for the budget is a power supply needed

The Black & Decker PAV1205-XJ is designed from start to finish to use in the car and for this he is then also very suitable. Of course, it can also be used in the household, then you need next to the teat for around 40 euros but definitely still an adapter for just under 10 euros. Of course there are powerful competitors, but the Black & Decker is not just limited to an operating period of a maximum of 10-15 minutes.
Compare the Black & Decker PAV1205-XJ with other devices in our Handstaubsauger comparison test .

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