Glossy Ibis NX 5156Handstaubsauger
Glossy Ibis NX-5156 in the test: Read our recent review of the glossy ibis NX-5156 and compare him with other vacuum cleaners.

Glossy Ibis NX-5156 - Review

The glossy ibis Handstaubsauger disclosed in Test no major weaknesses and convinces with, given the low price, superior amenities. Only those who want maximum performance should be better access to a wired device. check now the current price at Amazon and get up to 52% discount

Glossy Ibis

The Glossy Ibis brand is part of the well-known mail order company Pearl, which is headquartered in Baden-Württemberg Buggingen. Pearl was founded in 1989 and initially worked as a publishing house, which has distributed primarily software along with magazines. Later, the mail came from a catalog and an online store to where mainly computer hardware and other technical equipment were offered.Meanwhile marketed the Pearl.GmbH numerous own brands, the products usually produced in Asia, then imported and eventually sold here in Germany and other European countries. The units of Glossy Ibis - Appliances of all kinds - are just such a trademark. A main argument for such devices are usually the low price and so also costs the tested here Sichler Akkusauger in the 3.6V variant, currently just over 20 euros. We want to examine the test if either the quality inevitably fall by the wayside or whether it is still dealing here with a useful manual vacuum cleaner.


The NX-5156 has a battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh and is therefore not dependent on a cable connection during operation. The engine takes on a maximum voltage of 3.6 volts and is therefore, at least on paper one of the weaker hand vacuum cleaner in the comparison test. Under the designation NX-5155 Glossy Ibis incidentally offers a model with a voltage of 7.2 volts, which is otherwise identical to appear NX 5156th Thus, both devices canboth dry and wet suck. While the dirt container has a maximum volume of 500 ml has, already at 100 ml is closing the integrated liquid container. The package includes next to a wall mount and the matching power supply and two different sized attachable .The smaller of the two nozzles can be mounted directly on the hand vacuum cleaner and the large orifice is then in turn put on the small nozzle. The wall bracket can be mounted with a few screws and plugs firmly to a wall, alternatively you the Glossy Ibis but of course without using these and also recharge. An integrated LED indicates that the connection to electricity, but there are currently no information on the current charge level.

Test Result - sufficient suction power

Weighing about 1,300 grams of glossy ibis Akkusauger is easy enough to create a pleasant and straightforward operation to allow. At the same time he is maybe not too easy, so looks quite dibasic. The handle fits comfortably in the hand and also allows relatively small hands, can be safely handled. The two accompanying attachable are rather a nice complement, after our experience in testing but mostly not really needed. The hand vacuum cleaner can be opened by pressing a button in the center , thus allowing an easy emptying the hopper. Especially when only dry ingredients were drawn, the cleaning is very fast and it need not necessarily be carried out directly after each use. If the glossy ibis, however, absorbed liquid or damp dirt, he should also always be cleaned immediately. Then, both the emptying of the container, especially but also the cleaning of the integrated filter , take a little more time. Due to the battery operation scores of NX-5156 course in handling, firstly because here is no cable in the way and, secondly, it can also be really always there are used where it is needed. The ultimate suction one can in such a 30 Watt device but then, of course, do not expect. The "classics" such as sand, rice or little stones that he takes the test but still easily onwhether smooth surfaces but carpets. He also always remains pleasantly quiet. check now the current price at Amazon and get up to 52% discount

Test result - unbeatable

For well under 30 euros is obtained with the glossy ibis a cordless hand vacuum cleaner, which can even absorb liquids. The processing is very good, the suction force for most application areas perfectly adequate and the price is really more than fair.
Compare the glossy ibis NX-5156 with other devices in our Handstaubsauger comparison test .

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