Clatronic HS 2631 Hand vacuum cleaner
Clatronic HS 2631 in review: Read our latest report for Clatronic HS 2631 and compare him with other vacuum cleaners.

Clatronic HS 2631 - report

By HS 2631 Clatronic provides a highly absorbent Handstaubsauger with extensive facilities. The weaknesses in terms of use and processing are given the price of only 20 euros then hardly surprising. check now the current price at Amazon and get up to 16% discount


The Clatronic International GmbH carries the surname of the founder (Classen) partly in the name and this year celebrates already the thirty year anniversary.The company was founded in 1985 in Kempen and there is still the headquarters. From here all possible electrical appliances such as toaster, milk frother, microwaves and vacuum cleaners are sold. The devices will, however, not usually produced by Clatronic itself, but in other countries (mostly China) commissioned and then imported. Even the tested here Handstaubsauger HS 2631 comes from Asia and we want to check whether he can convince anyway.


Unlike most other hand vacuum cleaners of Clatronic HS 2631 does not have an internal battery, but relies on a direct connection to the socket. The 6 meter long cable is on the one hand, of course, like to get in the way, but also allows for a stunning hand suction performance. When mains voltage of 230 volts, the HS assumes in 2631 up to 700 watts and therefore promises one of the strongest hand vacuum cleaner to be at all. With dimensions of 24 cm x 12 cm x 15 cm, it is but still failed pleasant handy and also the weight of around 1.4 kg promises a not too strenuous operation. Apart from the actual suction cups are included, a 50 cm long flexible hose, two brush heads, as well as a shoulder strap. The latter is especially useful when the extension tube is used. Without hose to the vacuum cleaner can free better, so use without straps. The sucked dirt lands in Clatronic in a bagless collection container and is thereby awashable permanent filter separated from the air stream. This ensures low maintenance costs, since no wearing parts must be replaced regularly. If the filter should subside sometime yet, a new copy for around 5 euros can be reordered Clatronic.

Test Result - with cable and weaknesses

Even if you do not know that the Clatronic HS 2631 is manufactured cheaply in the Far East, you would never doubt after unpacking because you hold here a device from the low-price segment in hands. Too cheap act the plastics used and the overall build quality is at best adequate . So the two slip-making, for example, from the beginning, a little rickety impression and also the cable can be unfortunately nowhere wrap or keep clean. Either it wraps around the nipple or preserved it easy on this unit. Emptying the dust container designed to but then pleasantly easy . The front part of the vacuum cleaner can be removed and the filters are removed, then the dirt ideally can be easily shaken out of the opening. But this is possible only with relatively light and small particles, however, were sucked hardship cases such as wet soil or animal dander, the dirt accumulated in the inlet section of frequently Clatronic HS 2631 and here it is not so easy to remove. The cable is 6 meters although sufficiently long, but in everyday use stop but always in the way. If, for example, sucks a desk, one must always be careful that you not doing away with the cable. A power reduction unfortunately does not offer the Clatronic HS 2631, you can only enable or disable it. This is quite annoying as it one of the loudest Handstaubsauger at all. This is partly really disturbing and one wishes the performance could be controlled somewhat downward. Compared to other, battery operated hand vacuums the suction power but drops the HS 2631 actually impressive from. The typical tasks of a hand vacuum cleaner as ash, crumbs or dirt in the car he eliminated any case easily. Unfortunately, that is the exhaust air flow at the two lateral outlets very strong and swirls occasionally surrounding dirt. Also reported some buyers of unpleasant odors that arise during prolonged operation that we can, at least in our case confirm terrible. check now the current price at Amazon and get up to 16% discount

Test result - performance at a competitive price

Yes, the Clatronic HS 2631 is one of the strongest hand vacuum cleaner at all that you pay here but also with an increasingly necessary power cord that is also like stop times in the way. The price of around 20 euros, given the offered performance and features but more than fair.
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