AEG Rapido AG6106 Vacuums
AEG Rapido AG6106 in the test: Read our recent review of the AEG Rapido AG6106 and compare it with other vacuum cleaners.

AEG Rapido AG6106 - Review

The Rapido AG6106 AEG provides a powerful battery vacuum cleaner which can convince with good workmanship, meaningful features and a fair price.However, it shows in the test also some minor weaknesses. check now the current price at Amazon and get up to 25% discount


At AEG has now all 10 Akkusauger offer, alone 8 different models in the series Rapido. When tested here Rapido AG6106 is a mid-range model that comes with a price of around 60 euros also quite clear from the entry-level segment. In addition to the basic version is available for just 10 euros extra a variant with "WD" in the name, which then also be suitable for vacuuming liquids . In the test, we refer exclusively to the standard variant, so the pure dry vacuum. Much applies, however for both models, as they are almost identical.


In Rapido AG6106 put a 7.2V lithium-ion battery , which is to guarantee optimum conditions for a period of about 15 minutes. New juice he gets then in the enclosed charging station, which can be fairly straightforward mounted on the wall. A LED light on the top of the hand vacuum cleaner lights during charging and finally begins Fully charged blinking. On a dust bag can be dispensed with due to the cyclone effect, since the suctioned dirt is removed from the air stream and collected directly into the 500ml dust container. Like all current AEG Handstaubsauger has also Rapido AG6106 about 2 small front wheels at the bottom of the nozzle . This soft castors to facilitate maneuvering and prevent especially scratches and marks on sensitive floors or furniture. A crevice tool is directly integrated into the Rapido AG6106 and can easily be pulled out at the end of the standard nozzle if necessary. In addition, a simple furniture brush included.

Test result - very strong

Weighing just over a kilo of Rapido AG6106 is no lightweight among battery suckers , but he is always pleasant and comfortable to hold. You also have to say that lighter models certainly do not develop the same suction power, because in the area of AEG leaves little to be desired . Crumbs on the table or the sofa be just as easily removed as hair or lint from textile surfaces. Only when already trodden threads or hairs of Rapido must capitulate.Fortunately, leaves the suction force in the test but not far behind, even at full werdendem dust container. For the powerful suction of Rapido AG6106 paid not only to the weight, but also in terms of decibels. Compared to other vacuum cleaners battery he is quite noisy . Even the exhaust outlet provides room for criticism, this is yet blown below the handle to the side. Occasionally you should take care not to accidentally dusty surfaces so freely to blow and spread the dust so in space. An air flow backward or above here would probably be a better solution. The emptying a bagless vacuum cleaner is naturally a little dirtier matter. By pressing a button, the plastic cover can indeed easily solved and the filters are removed, nevertheless should happen best outdoors, next to the trash can. Because often catch dust and hair and can only be removed by vigorous pounding. The integrated crevice tool is a great idea, but we miss an opportunity to lock . In the test, there was often the case that the nozzle has disappeared in the holder during the suction gradually. Apart from the processing of AG6106 offers no grounds for criticism. check now the current price at Amazon and get up to 25% discount

Test Conclusion - Quality has its price

A bargain is the AEG Rapido AG6106 with a price of around 60 (or 70 for the Rapido AG6106WD) Euro certainly not, but here's true performance. Only the lateral exhaust and the lack of locking in the crevice prevent a higher rating.
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