Philips FC6144 Handheld vacuum cleaner
Philips FC6144 in the test: Read our recent review of the Philips FC6144 and compare it with other vacuum cleaners.

Philips FC6144 - Review

For partially well below 50 euros Philips provides the FC6144 a handheld vacuum cleaner of the superclass.Thanks sensible amenities and attractive suction it proves to be true all-rounder for everyday life. Read the Test where he still had to lose points. check now the current price at Amazon and get up to 37% discount


At Philips, we currently has 5 different Handstaubsauger offer that for mainly differ in terms of performance and price. The tested here FC6144 lies in just about every respect in midfield. While the weakest model has a 3.6V battery, the strongest over 12V, the FC6144 works with 7.2V . The suggested retail price for the device is between 40 and nearly 100 Euro and also the FC6144 is with 64,99 Euro almost exactly in the middle. But When Internet mail order he is actually already have for around 40 euros. We want to check the test whether the performance is rather mediocre or whether the Philips may break out here.


The Philips FC6144 is a bagless vacuum cleaner battery, which separates the dirt sucked through a two-stage filtration system by the air stream. The air is guided in the interior of the nipple in a circle and then the larger particles are filtered and finally collected the smaller dust particles in the second in the first step. In order for this system to function, the air flow must reach a certain speed and the energy needed for the provides a Philips NiMH battery. The is powered by the beiligende charging station with power and is the manufacturer fully charged after 16-18 hours . The charger itself can be the way shelved or mounted on a wall. The suction power is fully charged battery is around 17 watts and will be available for less than 10 minutes. After that, the Philips FC6144 calls again for the charging station. The collection container can hold up to 0.5 liters and the empty weight of the hand vacuum cleaner is about 1.5kg. In addition, 2 attachments are included - a crevice tool and a brush nozzle for sensitive surfaces. With liquids of Philips can not handle the way, because it is here apure dry vacuum .

Test Result - surprisingly strong

The build quality seems broadly quality. Hand vacuum cleaner takes firm hold in the charging station and is thanks to the rubberized grip and comfortable to hold. Once the battery is charged, a small LED next to the handle of the FC6144 lights, but that remains then too. Even if the battery is fully charged after several hours, which is not shown. According to Philips , the battery has via an overload protection , a feedback with charged battery would but still nice. Another downside here is the fact that the battery can not be replaced without major alterations. So A defective battery usually leads to economic total loss and the Handstaubsauger lands in the garbage. But this is the worst case, because in our test the battery is maintained. The manufacturer's specified nine minutes operating time he actually manages always, even if the power but then subsides somewhat towards the end .The two slip-useful and keep very well. Anyway, they are never dropped while sucking what happens quite frequently in other devices. Here's even the opposite is true, the essays you get really difficult again. A 'snap and a button to release would certainly comfortable here. The suction power is sufficient to smooth surfaces for pretty much all dirt, even pet dander away the FC6144 here easily . If parts have but caught on fabric or carpet fibers, it gets to its limits. Even with larger amounts of particulate matter, such as ashes, the Philips soon slipped the sails. Then he takes the particles initially on, blowing a part of it but directly back to the air in the environment. If one more crumbs sucks in everyday life of the couch, but that will certainly not happen. The emptying of the container designed by the way is also very simple, but it should be always done for hygienic reasons in the fresh air. check now the current price at Amazon and get up to 37% discount

Test Conclusion - great value

For the everyday application areas such as the aspiration of the bed, removing animal hair or cleaning the car of Philips FC6144 is absolutely suitable. Only when larger quantities of fine dust, carpets or liquids come into play it reaches its limit.
Compare the Philips FC6144 with other devices in our Handstaubsauger comparison test .

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