Ryobi cordless grass trimmers OLT1831S 18V

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Review: Ryobi cordless grass trimmers OLT1831S 18V

What you should know about the Ryobi cordless grass trimmers OLT1831S 18V

The battery lawn trimmers called OLT 18315 Ryobi is a small and versatile gardening tool that promises reliable independence. In a practice test shows how perfectly this battery-powered lawn trimmer just for small and medium lawns works. The cutting width of 30 cm is enough to show that there is no large lawn is to mow, but can already be seen here in the technical requirements that you get a small manoeuvrable and yet very useful device at a fair price.

The Ryobi OLT18315 an innovative product

Anyone who has a small garden needs to maintain optimal these lawn short for his lawn a device. Just then when one has no electricity available and will eliminate the use of gasoline-powered trimmer for the grass, it takes exactly the cordless grass trimmer from Ryobi. We can now look at but the size and design of any top performance in the form of huge engine performance and running performance of the battery expected. This device is exactly specifically designed for the small garden or the front garden with small areas. It is a supplement that convenient and independent way of lawn to cut perfectly on the edges.

Not to compare with a large powerful petrol lawn trimmer

the Ryobi Model The test showed the merits and in comparison with its big counterparties, this trimmer not keep course. Such a comparison between the powerful gasoline powered lawn trimmers would limp and would not close to reality. This model, with its comfortable telescopic handle and ergonomic design is very convenient, small and agile. It is about the owner of a small garden, which is equipped with this tool and this characteristics showed themselves completed the test. The line head intersects sure these little faces and pleasant comfortable.

The optimization to all terrain types

First falls on the Ryobi Lawn Trimmer for all terrain types, thanks to its many possibilities of settings can be adjusted. The engine is optimally adapted to the proportions in his power volume of the stem and the weight and the 18-volt lithium battery Jonen well enough to mow about an hour. As I said, you can here no benefits as for a large appliance expect but it is the trimmer for the small area.

Comfort and design is very important for this model

Even the color scheme and the vote in a garish green in conjunction with the Alumnium the stem is very good. It seems really a shame to take this trimmer in this appearance really strong. Optimal is the charging of the battery, even after three hours of charging time is the 18-volt lithium-Jonen battery fully charged and you can continue to mow. Who requires more battery time should get a replacement battery and can provide twice as long to be mowed.One very positive element or Auststattungsdetail rather is the automatic take-up lever. This called in the jargon Feeder effect works perfectly. If one has this lawn trimmer in his hand and he is charged, then you can without having to bend down further, concentrate on his work. The thread itself is very durable and strong, it is therefore sufficient for a long time, if one focuses on the cut of grass.

The independence of the application

A big advantage for the customer is the flexibility and the associated independence. Thought this Lawn Trimmer for the safe and accurate work after the lawn cut with a proper lawnmower. Who then owns this trimmer has a trump card in his hand and cuts thereby secure the supernatants and edges. Particularly noticed that this rather small lawn trimmer, which is also very light, can act agile in corners and angles. One can perfectly complement cutting grass and truly reached every corner of the narrow garden.

The price Leistungsvehältnis - what you really get

The quality of this grass trimmer can be proud of, and thus arises satisfaction. To cut these cordless grass trimmer in this Test point very well and you get nothing that was not promised. With a low weight of around 2.9 kg it also gets no trimmer which gives a pain in the back and that makes this trimmer as comfortable and as easy to use. A short, touch and the thread will simply be pushed and when the roll is empty, you get at low prices replenishment.That brings this trimmer good benefits which stimulate seriously to a decision on the purchase of the Ryobi OLT18315. What also very convincing in the test and in practice, is the fold-out guard for the protection of neighboring plants, if one uses his cordless trimmer from Ryobi. So the flowers in the flower bed are maintained.

All services at a glance for the prospective

Show The product data that you get a lot for your money:
  • Cordless grass trimmers with low weight of 2.9 kg
  • very safe automatic yarn transfer and extension
  • adjustable telescopic handle with ergonomic shape
  • good proportions of unencumbered work
  • powerful motor to match the device
  • Cutting angle adjustment 3 times
  • vertical section with a rotating cutting head
  • Safety lock on power
  • fold guard for other plants / spacer
  • 18V Li-Ion Battery RYOBI ONE Plus System

With small limitations optimal trimmer

It can be seen already in the test, this trimmer will find his friends and the biggest argument is the maneuverability and ease of handling. This trimmer like the owner of a small garden and an ideal location and ideal for small spaces. The edge cut by the mowing is done with it and thus this inexpensive cordless lawn trimmer is ideal to complement and so you get the perfect lawn in his small garden.


conclusion guyThe conclusion in the test showed that in this unit all announcements are met. There is really exactly what the manufacturer promises to customers. A battery for more independence, many ways to adjust and very many angles of cut that are positive qualities that it also gives to its very reasonable price. This makes maintenance of the lawn fun and just when you want to put directly los recommend this trimmer. The design and workmanship are very good and the test liked the lightweight yarn pick up the thread feeder. The safety bar ensures preservation of the adjacent plant and so to get a cordless mower that works optimally and his money's worth.

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