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Review: AL-KO 112927 lawn trimmer GTLi 18V Comfort

What you should know about the AL-KO 112927 lawn trimmer GTLi 18V Comfort

Anyone who has a lawn that needs this also mow and maintain, otherwise one has quickly a jungle in his garden.Since my lawn is manageable and I have many corners, a normal lawnmower is not with me. For this reason I have decided on a lawn trimmer. As now decency buying a new one from a lawn trimmer, I opted for the model AL-KO 112,927th Why I decided precisely for this model, which can be found here in this review.

That's why I chose this lawn trimmer

For some time I put on my lawn, partly because the lawn is not very big, a grass trimmer an. But in the previous model bothered me always the rigid stance and the necessary electrical cables in grass trimmers. Both were the decisive factors when buying a new lawn trimmer for me. Ultimately, my choice fell on the AL-KO 112927 trimmers, because he has fulfilled both conditions. Also, the grass trimmer was very good also in price. Total me the trimmer has convinced completely when buying. After purchasing course came right the first use of the trimmers, but also the very good impression was not marred by the grass trimmer.

Lets adapt

A big advantage of the grass trimmer is its telescopic aluminum shaft. This telescopic aluminum shaft allows customization of the grass trimmer to body height. By adapting to the Körprgröße which is also very easy, you can work very well with the grass trimmer. Compared to other trimmers this function is very good. Also at blind and narrow places, one can use the trimmer AL-KO very good. The head at grass trimmer can be adjusted in three tilt angles. My previous model could not afford this, because I had been in the corners help out with scissors.

Cutting width from grass trimmers

Despite the the trimmer with its dimensions of 92 x 28.4 x 12.6 cm is very compact, it is equipped with a good cutting width. Thus, the cutting width is 25 cm at the grass trimmer. These 25 cm I can edit my lawn, which has approximately an area of 20 square meters, very good and fast. Because of its setting, the grass trimmer is also suitable for larger lawns, especially if they are angled. Decisive is, of course, at a grass trimmer is equipped with a battery, the working time. Whereby course overall battery operation is a great advantage in a lawn trimmer. Den by the battery power you need in his garden neither electricity nor an extension cord that you constantly have to drag behind him. This fact naturally also affects the handling of the grass trimmer. But back to the battery power from the grass trimmer, depending on the level with the lawn I could work up to 40 minutes with the trimmer before they could find a abfällende performance of the battery.

Easy to use the lawn trimmer

This can be adjusted by its telescopic aluminum shaft to the height of the grass trimmer, was already mentioned.But in working with the grass trimmer I have discovered other advantages. Such a further advantage is the great temple at grass trimmer. With this large strap has the trimmer very tight in the hand. Due to the good handling, of course, the way of working with the grass trimmer is very safe. For a good and easy handling makes the lawn trimmer but also the low weight. So the grass trimmer weighs only 2.4 kg, it is so very easy. Just after prolonged operation at the grass trimmer, you realize the low weight very well.As well as well as the design has proven the grass trimmer. So the grass trimmer is equipped with a so-called plant guard. This plant guard can be adjusted so that you can actually just that trims what you also want, the rest is protected by the guard. What pleasantly surprised me when trimmer is its stability and that you can use it directly. An assembly is not necessary from the grass trimmer. Also the trimmer is very easy, so you can replace the bobbin at grass trimmer without tools. Accordingly, simply you can also clean the trimmer after use. A little water and a sponge for cleaning, has so far always been sufficient to lawn trimmer from AL-KO.

Fast charging time from grass trimmers

Buyer I had my concerns about the battery, especially with the durability of the battery and the charging time. Due but from 18 Volts strong lithium ion battery and the charger, you can charge the battery very quickly. My concern when buying have thus proved to be unjustified. After each use the lawn trimmer I charge the battery for the next time again. Just the first time I asked myself this question, how large probably will be the self-discharge until you use the trimmer again. When I used the trimmer again after two weeks, the battery was still full, the self-discharge is therefore very low. Even after now more than six months in the use of trimmers, I invite the battery no deficiencies, both in performance, as well as in and the self-discharge may find.


conclusion guyIn a compact design of the grass trimmer from AL-KO shines. So compact is in its dimensions the trimmer, so versatile are his settings. So you can adjust very well aufgrun adjusting the device size, the trimmer.Also positive the lawn trimmer is the operation of the battery. The battery has a high durability of up to 40 minutes and can also load very simple.The battery power when grass trimmer eliminates the need vo a power connector and extension cords. Positive noticed is the grass trimmer from AL-KO also its design, so the trimmer is equipped with a very wide strap as a handle and a plant guard. Especially the latter guarantees that you can determine exactly what you want to trim and what is not. The last advantage of the grass trimmer is still the price of lawn trimmers is very low in view of its many features. Also the trimmer is very easy to maintain, this starts with the exchange of the reel and goes up to the cleaning head from the grass trimmer. Due to my experience with the grass trimmer by just over six months, I can recommend the trimmer from AL-KO.

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