Bosch ART 26-18 LI cordless grass trimmer

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Review: Bosch ART 26-18 LI cordless grass trimmer


What you should know about the Bosch ART 26-18 LI cordless grass trimmer t

The battery-t lawn trimmer ART 26-18 LI from Bosch is a garden tool. Once you have decided to purchase for a cordless grass trimmer, you should make sure that the device is a rotatable trimmer head is yet to reach inaccessible places. He should have wheels. Distance holders should be present in order to get quite close to beds, but they are not damaged. And of course the battery life is an important criterion for the selection. After this rough-described demands on a battery lawn trimmers now takes a very special review of the Bosch ART 26-18 LI cordless t lawn trimmer. This battery grass trimmer by Bosch is a highly flexible and powerful garden equipment lawn care. And these are particularly noteworthy features of this trimmer:  

Cutting System "Durab- charging blade

For the first time not nylon threads, but plastic blades are used with 26 cm diameter as a cutting tool. This achieves not only a faster work progress, but these knives are wear-resistant and last up to 12 times longer than nylon. The improved cutting quality compared to the yarns is a further advantage. Of course, the ongoing tightening of the threads and the replacement of the coil also eliminates. Proper use provided, ensures a long product life. A "plant guard" is also part of equipment. You put him in the sockets of the guard of the trimmer head, so that the blades rotate within this bracket and therefore can not come into contact with hard edges, tree trunks and even flowers.  

The lithium-ion technology of 18 Volt batteries from Bosch

The grass trimmer ART 26-18 LI has more stamina and power available than conventional NiCd batteries. That also means no self-discharge. And you have up to 4 months does not use the trimmer, the fully charged battery is then charged nor to 92%. Furthermore, this battery has no "memory effect". So even after repeated recharging is a constant voltage. And even with repeated interruptions of charging, the battery life is not shortened .. This intelligent control electronics give this cordless tools from Bosch, the energy can be optimally required from. Moreover, these applied electronic protections against overload and overheating and are therefore of a long life. In addition, the total weight of 2.4 kg should be noted that is also due to the use of these battery packs for the handling of the trimmer. The supplied battery charger for the lithium-ion batteries by the way takes about 3 hours for a full battery charge. To min recharge the battery, but after about 25 again, is also the quick charger AL 2215 CV available. If the term of the trimmer of the conditions of use depends on the spot, about 1000 m can be edited with a full battery.  

Edging the lawn trimmer ART 26-18 LI

This trimmer is very versatile. It has an adjustable telescopic handle and an auxiliary handle. For the cutting edges can adjust the trimmer head in two directions. This is possible by an angular adjustment by a foot pedal and by rotation of the guide tube or telescopic handle. If one wants to carefully remove the grass under trees, shrubs and benches, the angle forms the dasFührungsrohr with the earth's surface should be quite small. By the rotation of the guide tube it is achieved that can be cut at one edge along.  

Control and guidance of the trimmer

The guide of the device when trimming the lawn is carried by the handle. Here it is connected by means of clamping sleeve with the guide tube. This can be adjusted according to requirements and the necessary labor-saving working height. In addition, at the upper end nor a curved auxiliary handle available, so the unit can be performed safely with both hands. This ergonometric design fatigue-free work over a longer period is possible. The grass trimmer ART 18 LI 26- is set by pressing whicha / off button in operation. To turn left to the switch easy going.  

Weight and volume

The volume is given db with 67th That's about as if a car passing at 10 m. And with a weight of 2.4 kg, it is very light, easy on the back, is easy to transport and to use in the garden everywhere. In addition, the compact design for perfect weight distribution makes the trimmer.


conclusion guyThe grass trimmer ART 26-18 LI from Bosch is a quality product and ideal for gardening. By acquiring this gardening tool is a product obtained in an attractive, futuristic design Bosch, in which high-quality material is processed. This ensures that he does not weigh more than 2.4 kg. But despite its lower weight and the plastic parts it is robust.Lawn trimmers are indeed used primarily there to manage small lawns, inconvenient places and especially the lawn edges cleanly and accurately mähen.Und these requirements of the grass trimmer ART 26-18 LI from Bosch perfectly. The sturdy cutting head is achieved not only an optimal interface technology but can be characterized adapt the device to the surface of the soil. Furthermore, preventing the plant guard, that protects flowers, crops, but also parts of the walls and tree trunks from damage or even accidentally cuts. On the other hand, the cutting blade of the trimmer are protected against premature wear or even destruction. However, this particular innovative product detail is the system Scheid Durablade. It holds up to 12 times longer than the use of nylon threads, guaranteed durchgäniges work without running Extend the nylon line or change the coil. Through the use of this plastic blade a precise and clean cut is obtained with a cutting width of 26 cm.One becomes necessary to blade changing is quick and easy, because replacement knives are virtually stabilized at the device. The 18 volt battery, this trimmer is equipped with lithium-ion technology. Thereby, it has many advantages over NiCd batteries. The state of charge is obtained over a long period and it has no memory effect to. Also included is a charger. Incidentally, the 18 volt battery can be used with other Bosch appliances. In order to control and guide the trimmer fatigue-free working is an adjustable telescopic handle and an auxiliary handle achieved and simultaneously a induviduelle adapt to their own body size. During the operation of the quiet, low-vibration operation is very pleasant, despite a powerful Motos with two-speed. Working in the garden takes place without the annoying tangles.

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