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Review: Hecht Petrol lawn trimmer 145


What you should know about the Pike Petrol lawn trimmer 145

The pike Petrol lawn trimmer showed itself as a strong partner for the gardener in a practice test, which presented some demands. This grass trimmer has been rigorously tested and kidney, if one so at a very ordinary garden tool can ever say. The model trimmer 145 falls already in its construction as a very delicate, and the proportions of the device breakdown are balanced so that the trimmer lies against the workers and can be used very agile and flexible.  

Easy start thanks to the good ignition

The engine was noted for its quality, because a slight pull enough already out after backing pumps the fuel and with usually a jerk, it is done. This means that even the cold start characteristics are very convincing, that gives a very positive impression. Many other similar devices were easy to start worse and harder. The performance after the easy start is just as convincing and strong, because at 10,000 revolutions per minute can be a lot of grass and weeds to finish off with a good torque. Even during maintenance convinced this mower because it needs no oil to be changed on the drive and all parts are easily accessible. 2-stroke engines as these are easy maintenance, because this is just the gasoline poured oil mixture in the tank and the amount of mixture is sufficient for an area of about 250 square meters well, you can mow it.  

The pike trimmer a strong partner

Reliability and quality, which also offer other manufacturers, but the pike trimmer 146 is simply right the good and cheap price. After delivery you get a part disassembled device that can be easily and simply build along with the user manual. Few screws and some handles and studying the instructions carefully, then really any such garden equipment assemble. You can easily and safely then make the first start. Of course you should read carefully when operating a trimmer the safety. This refers to the safety equipment you should have that as users in addition. A cut resistant clothing is appropriate and safety glasses with helmet is also useful. Of course, not to forget the ear protection.  

The performance using the Hecht 146 Trimmer

If one has initially built the brush cutter together and equipped with safety clothing, it can already go. One quickly with the powerful engine that you can cut a lot of tall grass with the strong two-thread technology. In the test, displayed a very acceptable result, the grass just flies and also strong grasses and smaller shrubs can tackle twice the threads about the very high speed very effectively. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to cut any grounds freely.Heels, small hills, tight corners and edges, for this trimmer no question, because it's just very agile and this device does it very well. Some should be said to the vibrations. The Pike 146 trimmer is equipped with an anti-vibration handle. The vibrations are spread evenly across the entire device and is tolerable. Long work is effortless.  

prepares The ergonomic handle of no pain

At this point, the well-designed handle is also the additional equipment in the evaluation test. The 5 kg machine Man hanging easy to secure strap and it becomes much more bearable and you get enough freedom. The handle is simply good in the hand and also the engine speed is controlled by a handle with Bowden cable. This handle has a safety feature, unless one gets tripped up and the handle lets go stops the engine. That means you have to press the safety lock, then only runs the trimmer. The ergonomic handle has sufficient possibilities to adjust, so really small people and big people can use this device effectively. So this device is universally suitable for everyone.  

The performance and quality of the grass trimmer 146 of Hecht

Everything about this trimmer is easy intoned well to each other and the device makes a very solid impression.There is the line head, with automatic line feed and two-thread technology. Then in the delivery is still a knife with which you can also cut shrubs. The engine work safely and reliably, and all attachments are very solid. The 3 tooth blade is very sharp and also allows to be sharpened.  

Here are the technical details at a glance:

  • Performance motor 10,000 rpm at 1.5 kW
  • 2 stroke engine 43 cc
  • Product weight 5 kg dry
  • Fuel tank capacity 0.65 liters mixture
  • Carburetor with pumping equipment manually
  • Simple and easy starting over cable
  • Bike handle as safety equipment with motor control
  • centrifugal clutch
  • 2 Hand Security Technology
  • Anti-vibration on the handle
  • Comfort shoulder strap included
  • Thread 2,4 mm double
  • Diameter cutting circle in double thread about 41 cm
  • Knife 3-tooth blade designed here cutting circle 25 cm
  • Complete with detailed instructions for commissioning

The brush cutter for every garden owner

This brush cutter allows very independent and to work flexibly. This trimmer Hecht can really be used anywhere and use its power. It's just fun to see how neatly at the end the cut look results and everything can be kept in check so.


conclusion guyIn practice test this brush cutter showed a very solid and of high quality.The powerful 1.5 kW motor is simple and very easy to start and are pleasant moments, because many other similar devices have as their problems. Also at optimum equipment configuration of this brush cutter. It is delivered that you have ready for this device after a few minutes and after refueling, it can immediately go off. The conclusion, therefore, simply falls out good because you get here for your money really an almost professional garden tool that much effect. Putting the knife, so it is even more intensely to free surfaces of weeds and bushes. All this at a very attractive low and affordable price. Even over long distances can be fatigue-free work and the back is relieved via the belt.All in all a very great power image that showed the test here. You can put it just recommended because of Hecht 146 Trimmer is a partner you can rely on any terrain and that cutting grass and shrubs makes really fun.

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