MTD SMART BC 33 Petrol lawn trimmer

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Review: MTD SMART BC 33 Petrol lawn trimmer

Lightweight with benefits

With a total weight of 6.8 kg of this trimmer is not part determines the heavyweights, what really makes working.The tethers are equal to the equipment, as well as the double cord technique. In a blade width of 25.5 cm may already some are processed. Of course, then the thread cutting width is 42 cm, which is already considerable. All in all sounds very good at what was then proven in the test quickly. The brush cutter is equipped just with a bullhorn Holm. This allows the trimmer easy to maneuver, which can be important especially with squared edges. All in all, the trimmer a good picture, particularly with regard to its engine. This is a powerful two-stroke engine with 1.4 hp, which is, after all, but a strong performance. What is more, the split shank, which can then be worked really well. As far as the technical data, but how does it look in detail with the handling. Here all testers agreed the handling was just easy to read without much user manual. However, beginners should read in this area are always accurate, because the only way errors are avoided.

Starts directly without problems

After filling the tank could start directly by a cable to the motor, which then this did. It is not important whether the engine is now hot or cold. This starts immediately, so then the work can already begin. As simple as the testers now had not introduced, but this was the case. Which in turn astonished, was the final operation of the motor, the read absolutely nothing to be desired. The MTD SMART BC 33 Petrol lawn trimmer trimming is made easy, this promise at least the manufacturer. But how it really looks so, which can be found at the top in a test. Here, the MTD SMART BC scores 33 Petrol lawn trimmer directly been through its powerful two-stroke engine, which can already guess the easy work, will be possible here. Where was able to score most of the trimmer, the final analysis was the price, because it is really applied already in the lower segment. With so much power here, the tester did not expect, and especially not with the easy handling. This was particularly emphasized, especially for new entrants into this matter.The work just went out of hand, especially by the belt and the spars. Thus the Trimmer lies conduct what is again important for a fast, clean work. regular attendance at work was supported also by the low weight, which was then very good for endurance. All in all, all testers were more than satisfied with the performance and handling, up to the processing.

Looks are not important here

These looked for one or the other of the hitherto satisfied testers, but a little flawed. However, this was now not faulted, but recognized as a pure determination. Because of the power it did not detract from, rather Work is more fun. The best the testers found but still the price, which was not saved here at the performance and ease of use. Of course, this trimmer is not only for beginners, but can also be used by more experienced people. For simple it really was not now, unpack, refueling and already was losgelegt. Without much to build together, which can be more than annoying often. All these points were perceived as very pleasant, as is the performance of the engine. All in all, our testers recommend this product, because in this case the price is not a feature. It is precisely in this field often has less power for longer be paid, whereby the trimmer received full marks here. Registered have particularly emphasized all testers that the trimmer is really done with everything. There really is nothing left standing, no matter has at which point there still found himself lawn. In particular, the engine did not stutter, which in turn speaks for the good quality. The work went quickly and without problem, the truly was a special point. Here helped the spars and of course the belt. The drive shaft is precisely, but the trimmer really came in every little corner. On the slopes of these also had high grass no difficulty was mainly determined by the width also work quickly.

A device that is to be recommended

Although the processing was somewhat criticized, but this had the power not done any harm. Here more attention was paid to the performance, which then convinced the test. really get a high-performance trimmer For this price, is more than rare. Even filling with gasoline was quickly 33 Petrol lawn trimmer at the MTD SMART BC. It is this ease of use is a key point, because there is a lack thereto in other devices often. The MTD SMART BC 33 Petrol lawn trimmer does its job very well, no matter what terrain. Even in long grass the powerful motor could only really be used. Thus, this trimmer is really suitable for everyone, whether beginner or pro. This works absolutely satisfactory, mainly because of the belt and the spars. Solid in the hand, yet nimble, the MTD SMART BC described 33 Petrol lawn trimmer from the testers. These would this Trimmer buy again and again, which happens very rarely.


conclusion guyThe conclusion in this Test was unanimous, this trimmer keeps really what is promised. Easy management through the double shoulder strap, which is just in hedges or trees beneficial. A strong motor which lies immediately and easily start. The ease of use is a further advantage, have even less exercise for beginners with a trimmer. The split shaft allows it to really get into every corner of the garden, which is a beautiful lawn is guaranteed. All in all, all testers were very happy, especially with the easy handling. Therefore, this also spoke out for a purchase.Whereby the Bullhorn work additionally simplified because the trimmer can be kept stable.

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