Einhell GH-BC 43 AS Petrol lawn trimmer

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Review: Einhell GH-BC 43 AS Petrol lawn trimmer


What you should know 43 AS Petrol lawn trimmer on the Einhell GH-BC

The Einhell Petrol Scythe GH-BC 43 AS is a branded manufacturer of quality. It is fully assembled and ready to function directly. This gives them this trimmer with a factory warranty that best especially in private gardens as well as in large companies for garden and landscape maintenance.  


The trimmer Einhell is supplied fully functional. In addition to the device no accessories required. Here the grass trimmer is made entirely of metal. On the metal stem of the engine is above attached. In the lower area you get the cutting with a three-tooth blade and a double thread system.  

Operation of the trimmer

The grass trimmer is powered by gasoline. To this end, a modern two-stroke engine is installed in the lawn trimmer.This must be permanently supplied with gasoline. To have enough stock here it is advisable to purchase this with a spare tank at the gas station. Be certain to follow that when refueling your trimmer no gasoline bib. To protect the environment. Pay attention to the fact that the tank is always well sealed.  


Virtually maintenance free of grass trimmer is shipped to you. In normal operation, the double thread for a season ranges. At higher stress, however, the thread must be replaced frequently. For the engine maintenance is provided once per year. In this maintenance, the engine oil is changed and performed a maintenance of the parts. This is necessary when you would like to have a long work trimmer. The cleaning of the trimmer, you can make yourself. It is easy to just use a damp cloth needed with which you can clean the trimmer. In winter, the trimmer in a dry place such as a basement or garden shed should be stored.  

Use of the trimmer

The Einhell Petrol Scythe GH-BC 43 AS is ideally adapted to mow areas with tall grasses effectively. Its main strengths can the device in the areas of slopes or difficult to access lawns. Here, the trimmer can be performed without wires. The powerful engine is available in these areas as well as with best results perennials and other large plants.  

Protective equipment allowed

Each lawn trimmer you should use protective equipment during operation. The Einhell Petrol Scythe GH-BC 43 AS a plastic goggles is recommended. These glasses prevents splinters come from mowing in the eye. In addition, a protective pants should be worn. This is cutting-retardant and are readily available in specialist shops. In addition, can be worn with a steel sole in the operation, a helmet and shoes. But these are not absolutely necessary.  

Operational problems

The Einhell Petrol Scythe GH-BC 43 AS is as already described a sense which is powered by a two-cycle gasoline engine. This is a certain noise can not be avoided. Therefore, put the trimmer only in certain times. It is advisable to omit the Sunday and noon to avoid the stress with the neighbors. Of course, can be extended by agreement with the neighbors and the time. Furthermore, an engine still produces gases. These gases can be distracting.Therefore, make sure that no one is disturbed by the exhaust gases of the appliance.  

Adults Only use a lawn trimmer

Such grass trimmer is suitable for adults only. For children there is a considerable risk of injury in this lawn trimmer.We therefore recommend strongly of the benefits by children and adolescents. All these audiences should use the trimmer definitely never alone and unattended.  


You get a warranty on this lawn trimmer. This warranty all damages and losses for the first two years are covered.Buyer but may additionally an extended warranty be purchased with the worth in our view most.


conclusion guyThe Einhell Petrol Scythe GH-BC 43 AS you purchase a device with a high quality and a factory warranty. The trimmer is suitable for private homes as well as commercial enterprises. The grass trimmer is especially suited for inaccessible places as well as for large lawns. He is also often used as a loaner for the hobby gardener. To use the Einhell Petrol Scythe GH-BC 43 AS should always be worn protective clothing so that no bad accidents can be caused by the trimmer. It is with the trimmer to a device that may well make the cutting major injuries. but you get to the trimmer to be highly reliable with which you will last a lifetime. It's worth a purchase, especially if you have a garden big enough where something is always again to mow in any case. Your neighbors will love the device because you borrow the trimmer will always be to use at various gardens. The price of the trimmer is in the middle and can thus also be easily purchased by smaller households. For storage, a shed or a basement room is recommended therefore the trimmer can be in dry and no effects can occur on the motor by water. The maintenance should be performed by a specialist company.

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