Einhell Cordless Grass Trimmer GE-CT 18 Li Power X-Change

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Review: Einhell Cordless Grass Trimmer GE-CT 18 Li Power X-Change


What you should know about the Einhell Cordless Grass Trimmer GE-CT 18 Li Power X-Change

It is a nuisance when mowing the lawn, anywhere you have an equal area, only the corners very not so beautiful.This problem I have with my lawn. The solution to this problem, I have found in Einhell lawn trimmer. This grass trimmer now I come in every nook and cranny. Why I decided precisely for these trimmers, which can be subsequently experienced in this field report.

Decision to buy the trimmer

robust finish Very good and especially the grass trimmer. This is ever a point that has influenced me in the purchase decision from the grass trimmer. The other point is the wide range of setting the trimmers, which I will discuss in the review in more detail. for sale circumference from lawn trimmers course me also the accessory has convinced so still belongs 20 plastic knife. What surprised me the grass trimmer as well as the compact design, so the dimensions are only 11 x 19 x 96 cm. Another point that has influenced my purchase, the purchase price was for the trimmer. Although there is in this context a small disadvantage to that later.

Versatile applications from grass trimmers

On a cutting width of 24 cm is the trimmer of Einhell. Even though I have a larger garden, I use the trimmer very much a for corners. Den in the corners I can not go with my big lawnmower. As the trimmer is essential flexiber, the motor head can be tilted in five stages. Also you can rotate the motor head at an angle of up to 90 degrees. As can be seen from the motor head using these settings, the trimmer is very flexible. So you can ideally work with the grass trimmer the corners.

Easy to use the lawn trimmer

The first time I have taken in hand the trimmer, I was impressed by the processing and the weight. The both affects the ease of use of the grass trimmer. In addition, the construction of the grass trimmer facilitates easy handling.This also helps that you can adjust the guide rail. Especially with different body sizes can very well adjust the trimmer to need. So you can work for longer with the grass trimmer without the typical you get symptoms such as back pain or the like. The additional handle makes the grass trimmer for a good guidance from the device, but also a safe one. Also, the unnecessary power supply facilitates the use. Den neither outlet nor an extension cord is needed at grass trimmer for operation. Overall, it is thus very free with the grass trimmer in his motion. What I personally very important also because it saves time. Do not disregard course in operating the volume. And here is the grass trimmer, very silent also because of its battery. The last point I would like to mention in connection with the easy handling of the grass trimmer, is the maintenance and care. Thus, the plastic blade when lawn trimmer makes it very easy to exchange without any tools at all times. Whereby I noticed in connection with the plastic blade when lawn trimmer that they have a very good shelf life. Previously, I had hardly replace the plastic knife. Do not disregard the natural care at grass trimmer. The after use of the grass trimmer is always very dirty. Due to the construction of the head when this lawn trimmer is very easy to clean. So you can these at grass trimmers easy to clean with a bucket of water or a garden hose.

Low weight by Einhell lawn trimmer

Particularly positive with the easy handling of the trimmer is also the weight. So the grass trimmer weighs only 1.8 kg. Thus the trimmer is very good in the hand. Even with a battery of the grass trimmer is not much more difficult, because the weight very well distributed from the battery due to the construction. Thus, the trimmer is also very good for the elderly.

Small disadvantage of Einhell lawn trimmer

With all the advantages, there are the lawn trimmer Einhell also a small disadvantage. So the lawn trimmer Einhell without battery and charger supplied. Thus, the grass trimmers can only be accessed after the purchase, if you have bought a matching battery and charger. To operate the lawn trimmer Einhell requires a 18 Volt battery strong, this provides the necessary power when grass trimmer. This fact that the trimmer is sold without battery, also has an impact on the advantage of the price at the grass trimmer. A further disadvantage there is not the grass trimmer. Incidentally, you have bought a battery and charger, you can work with the lawn trimmer is usually up to 30 minutes.total the useful life of grass trimmer of the grass height and density depends. Due to these factors, the working time may significantly lengthen or shorten the grass trimmer. How quickly the battery is charged again, depends essentially on which model you chose. I have decided, for example, a model in which the battery is recharged within half an hour. So that the lawn trimmer is quickly ready for use again. I have also paid attention when buying from the battery, which is the self-discharge to a minimum, the last I do not want to charge before each use, the trimmer only. To date I have, despite the regular use of the grass trimmer still seen no performance degradation when using battery.


conclusion guyEven if the trimmer is to buy without battery and charger device, this is only a minor drawback. Total me the lawn trimmer Einhell convinced. So the grass trimmer is due to its construction and low weight, very good in the hand. Just the extra grip the grass trimmer is a substantial relief here.A positive feature is the grass trimmer on and the battery, making each extension cable unnecessary. In addition, the trimmer is equipped with a good cutting width and the guide rail can be customized ohen great effort. Overall, the way of working with the grass trimmer is very easy, also because of the many options. The delivery at grass trimmer still include plastic knife. The grass trimmer is easy to maintain and very easy care. Now, after half a year of use in my garden, it was with the lawn trimmer Einhell no problems. Therefore I can only recommend the lawn trimmer Einhell. ,

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