AL-KO 112562 TE 450 Comfort electric lawn trimmer

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Review: AL-KO 112562 TE 450 Comfort electric lawn trimmer

What you should know about the AL-KO electric lawn trimmer

The care of the lawn with the AL-KO 112562 TE electric grass trimmer with the additional designation 450 Comfort is very convenient and easy. One need only an electrical outlet and then provides this electric lawn trimmers his service. Even the appearance like the gardener and avid gardeners, because a neutral gray with orange and black shades showing good design optics. Also technically impressive this lawn trimmer with his performances and mowingthanks to the powerful engine small bushes and shrubs. An electric lawn trimmers as these AL-KO reduces the time, because it is very effective independently and extensively to make use in the lawn section with this lawn trimmer.  

This is the right equipment for the aficionados of fine lawns

It comes naturally to it, the land to be mown, the classic use of the lawn mower is of course advantageous for large areas, but also medium-sized areas can relates with this grass trimmer its power from the wall outlet, be maintained easily. That delighted the lovers of manicured lawns, because one does not need additional fuel tobuy and it is still very flexible and independent. A cable extension and an outlet near enough to let the lawn then act really cared.The average achieved in no time and the very best. This work increases the value of Frteizeit, because that one is intensively and mowing lawns can be a hobby. First of all, the work is done more quickly and provide thorough and for this good makes electric lawn trimmer.  

Ergonomically shaped handle at AL-KO Lawn Trimmer

New and very imaginative is the telescopic handle, which can be optimally adjusted to any size of a user. This enables working without apparent fatigue. It is convenient to use such a grass trimmer and safe to cut the lawn and to protect the surrounding flowers over the spacer. this is no place for the edges and angles where conventional lawn especially interesting. Approximately between plates or at corners where lawns are bordered with curb stones, are the best places to use this lawn trimmer.  

The dimensions and proportions were chosen optimally in the construction

With a length of around 1.05 meters, the projection of this lawn trimmer from Al-KO is adapted to the average dimensions of an adult. The cutting plate measures 26 cm and has here with the engine at an altitude of about 14 cm. These dimensions this lawn trimmer can ach optimally transported in anyvehicle so you are also flexible in the places for use. As I said you only need a power supply and you can begin its work. The flexibility of use refers to the ease of handling, because you can work around any obstacle and get hold of the overhanging grass so short.  

Compact dimensions and the best materials

The designers and developers have given to combine his best possible light, yet very robust materials together.This creates very most material-oriented properties, which total very remarkable achievements. Due to the high product quality can hardly anything getting broken and so dispensed with intervals for maintenance andrepair.This mower needs only from time to time a new line head and you get inexpensive accessory retailers. This grass trimmer is very reliable and works well over long time intervals very good, there is no overheat and the yarn is very durable, that results in a very long life for this device. This life is also about the time specified by the manufacturer of the limited warranty.  

All features:

  • powerful engine
  • Power requirements 230 volts
  • 450 watts of power
  • Telescopic handle with many settings
  • fatigue
  • good appearance and superior design
  • Safety cutting plate
  • additional handle for safe work
  • safety switches
  • Cable protection and guide

Good fuel economy for a trimmer

450 watts of power to hear few in but beat yourself frugal in consumption down that signals the user low cost of ownership. Delivered already with 2 bobbins and so you have the same secure storage. This grass trimmer is mature in its development and working very good and reliable. has The shows a producer here at someimportantdetails thought that make the user to operate very pleasant.  

The angle, high efficiency

The compact and economical electric motor sets the yarn sufficiently in movement and in conjunction with an optimally chosen angle of the line will cut this optimally. The grass cutting incident very well and easily made, because you have not cut the grass around long, they fall off easily. This makes the yarn structure which is provided with a small continuous nub and the break line generated in the rotation to cut the stalk. It's a trick to having rather low speeds to cut the lawn as well as other trimmers, consume much more power.  

The safe cutting system of the AL-KO Lawn Trimmer

Security is a major concern of AL-KO lawn trimmer, it is working with a protection that also prevents smaller stones are tossed. It has everything under control and that but very little trimmer with its about 2.4 kg total weight is not noticeable in the hand. Man holding the handle and it is simply a pleasant surprise. The mostimportant thing at the end to the lawn be mowed and secure the thread is designed so that it easily breaks when a very strong resistance. This creates the second component of security, because you can not get hurt that way. can be only on the safety switch the trimmer into operation and also produces protection. The cable guide on the handle is safe and the connection of the plug holding secured during the entire working process.  

A large-sectional area

Now something to the cut surface, which may vary, of course. Quoted by the manufacturer are about 30 cm, which also reached this mower. Thus one can effectively quickly and quietly cut the edges and mowing smaller areas completely quickly. That makes this lawn trimmer all in all so pleasant and easy.


conclusion guyThe AL-KO Lawn Trimmer 450 Comfort carries his name Comfort rightly.The good conclusion refers to the good looks and the very outstanding performances this electric lawn trimmer. All parts are well matched to each other and the details create a very powerful and convenient to use grass trimmer. The leaves of this device appear as good and the goodprice-performance ratio completes the good result of the experience.

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