AL-KO BC4535 II-S petrol lawn trimmer

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Review: AL-KO BC4535 II-S petrol lawn trimmer

What you should know about the AL-KO BC4535 II-S petrol lawn trimmer

The AL-KO 112940 Lawn Trimmer BC 4535 II-S Premium is a brand product with a warranty. The grass trimmers scored in test reports always best Ergenisse. Therefore he was now determine product from us a test subjected to the quality and the processing of this premium.

What makes this grass trimmer?

You get to the AL-KO 112940 Lawn Trimmer BC 4535 II-S Premium a device that is suitable for the most diverse requirements in the garden. The grass trimmer is made of metal for durability. You get this in a black design, this is particularly easy to maintain and keep clean. With the stable handles the grass trimmer is comfortable to hold. The cutting surface of the trimmer is protected in a red plastic cap. This makes the device particularly suitable for the requirements suited to the grass trimmer.

Powerful motor

In the AL-KO 112940 Lawn Trimmer BC 4535 II-S Premium was installed a powerful petrol engine. The package, however, no cans of petrol is included. but could be ordered with it. These cans can be filled easily at any gas station and then serve to fuel the lawn trimmer at the site. Here is meticulously to ensure that no petrol comes on the lawn or other surfaces. Therefore, make the canister always tightly closed in a safe place again.

Noise pollution and use

The grass trimmer is operated as described with gasoline. Therefore, this front lawn trimmer is a powerful device, however, is that good to hear through your neighbors also a device. To avoid unnecessary here discord, you should agree with your neighbors when the trimmer is used and when rest periods. Also odors can not be avoided by the exhaust gases in this case by the trimmer. Depending on the wind position pulls the exhaust lighter from or remain a little longer at the site.

lawn trim

Of course, the AL-KO 112940 Lawn Trimmer BC 4535 II-S Premium is suitable for grass trimming but there are many other uses of this attractive device. The trimmer is used by private persons and commercial establishments.He shows its strength best on slopes and difficult to reach places. You have here with the long stem chance these small and remote places on the slopes or in confined spaces behind. Trimming is a large area possible but may also be limited to corners and lawn edges. Besides grass and other green areas for processing with the AL-KO 112940 Lawn Trimmer BC are 4535 II-S premium provided. You can very well carry the cut even with shrubs and other larger plants. Thereby please observe, however, that the individual stalks are not woody. This puts the trimmer silent and damaged in the worst case, the cutting unit and can overheat the motor.

protective gear

To operate the trimmer is to create protection in each case and use independent. At this protective equipment including goggles and protective trousers. All these parts are available in stores and can also be found on the Internet. In the goggles, it is important that this is made of plastic and eyes completely encloses possible. In the pants priority is given to the tensile strength. These pants are typically used for forest workers, but can be purchased in specialist shops also readily of individuals. Rather optional are a helmet and protective shoes. The protective boots are still most likely be advised to protect the feet against the end rings of knives.


The device is largely maintenance-free. The engine should be, however, maintained at regular intervals so that it can not be damaged. The knife can also be changed from time to time. How often this is all depends on the intensity of use of the case. All other parts of the AL-KO 112940 Lawn Trimmer BC 4535 II-S Premium are maintenance-free. For the storage of the trimmer in a dry place should be chosen. This can be a basement or a garden shed.


conclusion guyThe AL-KO 112940 Lawn Trimmer BC 4535 II-S Premium you purchase a trimmer of even the highest demands. The trimmer is well in hand and can be operated safely with little protection. Good trimmers for private and commercial being he can bring its full power only in the commercial sector. The factory warranty shows that the manufacturer is confident of the quality of his product. The gasoline-fueled engine is largely maintenance-free and durable. So the copy of the entire device is designed for a coined several years use. The price of the grass trimmer is in midfield and in order to balance between cheap and expensive models. The AL-KO 112940 Lawn Trimmer BC 4535 II-S Premium is an absolutely good buy with a long lasting fun in the grass processing will have. The device is also good to use because it is self-explanatory and no further accessories are required as a loaner part of a commercial loan. The device alone is sufficient to perform all functions.

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