Tonino Lamborghini 10605000-L electric lawn trimmer

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Review: Tonino Lamborghini 10605000-L electric lawn trimmer


What you should know about the Tonino Lamborghini 10605000-L electric lawn trimmer

The Tonino Lamborghini 10605000-L electric grass trimmer is a handy, visually appealing and technically sophisticated grass trimmers, which can be especially convincing with its ergonomic design. Excellent it is suitable for mowing of lawn edges and very popular for areas which are with a lawn mower difficult to achieve. The device also proved also for blending of tall grasses and pruning of ways. The outstanding performance of the grass trimmer is 500 watts. Thanksto the double thread tip automatic cutting system prevents the thread from getting caught in one another. 300 millimeters, the cutting width and the integrated 3-point cutting angle adjustment is suitable for effortless blending of the tall grasses below shrubs and bushes.Additional features include the auxiliary handle, which is adjustable in height and a non-slip soft grip coating has and the swivel 180 degrees handle. The Tonino Lamborghini 10605000-L is also provided for the power cable with a cable clamp. The electric lawn trimmer has a warranty of three years and the Internet can be extended to five years, this warranty period. The manufacturer is Tonino Lamborghini and the product type is an electric lawn trimmer. The cutting system is a thread, the power is 500 watts and the thread trimmer width is 300 millimeters. Cord feed is the tip-speed automatic, which handle shape is the knob handle and the features are the adjustable auxiliary handle, the telescopic style and the pivotable cutting head. The weight of the grass trimmer is about 2.8 kilograms and the size is 107 times 28.8 x 14 cm. In the previous customer reviews often the note was given very good. The buyer stated that this is a very powerful, beautiful color and easy-to-use grass trimmers. The model Lamborghini 10605000-L guarantees satisfactory cutting results and he is very good in the hand. Buyers were particularly thrilled that the trimmer can be optimally adjusted to the personal needs. Particularly positive the ergonomic, adjustable auxiliary handle with soft grip coating and telescopic style extension are evaluated. Featured is also too often that the Tonino Lamborghini 10605000-L electric lawn trimmer consists of a sturdy and robust material. With 500 watts the device can achieve quite a lot of power, and also like the buyers and the low weight.Many buyers also raise the price-performance ratio out positively.

The advantages:

  • Price-performance ratio
  • ergonomics
  • power

The disadvantages:

  • Size adjustment is not optimal
  • Außensteckdose needed

The grass trimmer RT 6050 can according to the manufacturer much

In the Manufacturers easy handling is assured, thus effortlessly edges and points can be cut, which are inaccessible to the normal lawnmower. The Größenversteller is individually adjustable and therefore people with different sizes to work simply and easily with the device. In comfortable and easy way to an even better cutting results with the controllable yarn extension and with the twin line cutting system is to be achieved. Working in the garden, the buyer should thus have even more fun by the electric grass trimmer. With the 3-point cutting angle adjustment mowing is under shrubs and bushes can be done without further uprising quickly and easily. No one has thus annoy more inaccessible lawn sections in the garden where you can not rankommt with the normal lawnmower. The manufacturer shall specify in which Tonino Lamborghini that this is now history. The handle can be rotated 180 degrees, and thus can be cut vertically with the garden tool. When working comfort is thus increased again and working with the Lamborghini customers should so have an even better feeling. Add to that the strain relief, which is not constantly the grueling train is felt at work with the helper. If the lawn is thus possible a pleasant trimming. Thanksto the non-slip grip with the grass trimmer the full use of the machine will still be possible even after a long sweaty work. The product obtained by the soft grip anotherbonus when it comes to customer-friendliness and comfort. Tonino promises a competent service and customer hotline, which can help with problems or questions. Required spare parts can be delivered directly to your home and the customer is the Einkaufswegsaves it. For repairs, the manufacturer allows a free delivery of the equipment in the case of service and it is a clean and quick repairs made.  

The grass trimmers from Tonino in the practical test

The design of the Tonino Lamborghini has failed and thus can attract attention to the Rasentrimemr RT 6050th The device is kept in black and silver and can really be seen. Regarding the design, it is a sports car among grass trimmers. When handling it is determined that the device is really worth themoney. Many features of the machine are very well thought out and so the buyer will receive a super comfort at work. With the non-slip soft-grip no reason to be afraid that the device which bubbles are found on the hands from slipping through the fingers or. The cutting angle is great designed and effortlessly the lawn can be trimmed even at edges. Always an optimal result is generated. In the 180 degree rotatable handle the construction works also optimal. The grass trimmer is properly built and sturdy. Defects or manufacturing errors are not detected. This trimmer is robust by far, it consists partly of aluminum. The service life of the product is long and thus save the owners money and time. The performance of the device is considerable and it can still be worked relatively quiet so. Many other devices also have much power, but the volume is a burden for the owners and their environment. Also slightly thicker green waste can be trimmed and cut of the grass is not affected. The thread spool could be exchanged in case of problems easily. There is also no special coil, but quite a commercial coil, availablein stores at a good price. It must therefore not a professional service to be claimed and it is not swallowed a lot of money. Something is negative noticed that the trimmer can be adjusted in height though, but this is enough for a size of more than 1.80 meters from not always. It is true therefore not entirely that the trimmer can be adjusted properly to the body. For people more than 1.80 meters of Tonino Lamborghini is not ideal.


conclusion guyLargely the Tonino Lamborghini is exactly what is promised by the manufacturer. The trimming result is optimal and albeit with restrictions, the comfort when working with the device is great. The machine requires a power outlet, so that it is fully functional and therefore everyone should assure that in the garden a power outlet isavailable. The product Tonino Lamborghini is worth the whole money.

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