Simex Sport 46256 240 St Tropez Pool

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Review: Simex Sport 46256 240 St Tropez Pool

Which dimensions of Simex Sport 46256 St. Tropez has 240 Pool?

The existing PVC Simex Sport 46256 St. Tropez 240 pool is inflated about 240 centimeters long, about 157 centimeters wide and about 53 centimeters high.  

How much does this pool of Simex Sport?

With its weight of 4.7 kilos of pool is a real lightweight. One has to this half but not to worry, because even if the pool is a real lightweight, there is no loss in terms of stability.  

What are the special features of this pool?

First of all, should be particularly emphasized that the pool consists of extra strong PVC film, so that the pool certainly holds many years in a not so wild use and prepares a cool down on hot days the users. The specially in the pool built bar construction promises high stability, which is another plus point for the Simex Sport 46256 240 St. Tropez pool. Furthermore, it should be emphasized the ease of use in this particular pool.When building one need only put apart the pool and then fill the three chambers with air. Even the pool is ready, that one gets the water. When the summer is over and you want to break down the pool again, you have to do is open the water drain valve at the bottom of the pool and you can already let the water out of the pool. After the water is then completely drained from the pool, you only have to open the three chambers, so that the air can escape from the pool. With these few Potty handles can then fold the pool for the next year and store for winter. The Simex Sport 46256 St. Tropez 240 Pool has all the necessary guidelines and standards, so you have to worry on the subject of security. A Another plus is the beautiful design. The pool is also distinguished by the fact that it is transparent with blue tint and has a special form. Furthermore, the built-in pool seat-lying areas a major plus. On this special seat-lying areas can also simply lean back and relax.  

How can the pool be set up?

The pool is to be taken out of the package and to put apart. Once the Simex Sport 46256 St. Tropez 240 pool was apart down, you can begin to inflate three beads by the three chambers. This is done most easily and preferably with a corresponding pump.  

What should be considered 46256 St. Tropez 240 Pool at the Simex Sport?

It is urgent to ensure that the pool for children under 36 months is not suitable. Furthermore, it should be ensured that the children climb into the pool only under adult supervision.


conclusion guyIf one is looking for a pool for the whole family, which is also at the same time still easy to use, the can of Simex Sport 46256 St. Tropez 240 pool are highly recommended. But this particular pool is not only characterized by its ease of use, but also by its beautiful design. Both the transparent material with the blue color and the particular shape is a real eye-catcher. Furthermore, the pool is characterized by its high stability, so that you do not have to move to be extra careful in the pool. However, it should be urgently taken that is not raging too wild in the pool, otherwise there is a risk that the air escapes from the pool. If one considers this, you will have many years his joy at the pool. Furthermore, however, ensure urgently that children are not allowed to under 36 months in the pool and more children go only for adult supervision in the pool because otherwise there is a risk of drowning. Even if you think due to the low weight that the pool can not be stable, which shows this particular pool the opposite. The Simex Sport 46256 St. Tropez 240 Pool is in fact very stable and can withstand all loads. Since the Simex Sport 46256 St. Tropez pool of all seal has, one must make no thoughts in terms of safety.This particular pool can be highly recommended.

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