Intex Easy Set 10415 erecting Pool

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Review: Intex Easy Set 10415 erecting Pool

The Intex Easy Set 10415 Aufstell pool has a diameter of 457 X 122 cm, which then but so have some people.Additionally included is still an air valve with non-return valve available as well as a cover sheet of vinyl, a discharge device, a doubly secured drain valve and a shut-off device for the filter system. The Intex Easy Set 10415 Aufstell pool consists of a three-layer film for swimming pools, whereby a years bathing fun is guaranteed. The liner is particularly strong and consists of three very thick layers. The support material is composed of polyester and both sides aufflaminiertem thick PVC. By this composition, the material is strong, yet flexible, which makes for a long service life. As the name suggests, the Intex Easy Set 10415 Aufstell pool is this set up quickly and easily. For this purpose, simply inflate the top ring with air, the pool can be already filled with water. The inflatable ring the basin presents itself constantly during filling. The product including packaging weighs 50kg which a delivery is made by the shipping company. These are applicable to the manufacturer, the yet so some promise. Can these then all are respected, just what also affects the simple filling the pool. Exactly tested and their experience then also gladly informed customers. Because of course, the details hear very well, just as for the simple setting up.  

The information could be more accurate

Herein, all customers agreed because there were still many unanswered questions, which then answered a customer. To this end, this has then drawn up an extensive list that includes the following points:  

also included the following items:

- A cartridge filter - One cartridge - A tarpaulin - A Net - A pool cleaner - A circuit with a load capacity up to 136 kg - A groundsheet - A skimmer and of course then the pool unfortunately were missing this information, but these are then also now really completely. The structure has then but designed to be very simple, with some should be noted. The floor must be level really, since the water otherwise collected on one side. According to the manufacturer, this forgiving the material not permanently, but it then remains a kind of dent. Otherwise, the construction was carried out quickly, so then the Intex Easy Set 10415 Aufstell pool reached a perfect score. Unfortunately, after the first point deductions were made because some pools were already defective at. Although the conversion was not a problem, but for some customers the same error occurred again. Here, the pool lost in some places water, especially in the area where the ring and ground clashed. Although this was not a lot of water, but such a plan could be disrupted. Some customers then bought a repair kit and then could be undisturbed splashed in the pool. There was then the most deductions. However, the Intex Easy Set 10415 received Aufstell pool still three out of five, with the simple structure for all the most important was. In this area, then, the most points were awarded. However, during processing, the manufacturer could still improve a lot, then the Intex Easy Set 10415 Aufstell pool would be just perfect. Thus, a purchase recommendation was made, the testers have already given here are some tips for the repair. Similarly, the details were yet completed, which then the choice is still much easier. All in all, then the customer still satisfied with the product, even if some defects were present.


conclusion guyWith the Intex Easy Set 10415 Aufstell pool everyone can quickly and easily make a pool in the garden, where again the simple design was praised. Only on the ground must be taken so that no dents in the edge arise. Because they remain later exist as bumps, which then here should exercise great care in building already. Otherwise, all the customers were more or less satisfied, however, could be in the processing maybe something can be improved. With the price again all customers agreed, because it is through this simple structure is worth the purchase. Thus, the tester spoke here a buy recommendation, because no one had regretted the purchase. Especially the kids loved the pool really great because splash and romp goes so without the pool gives way. A purchase that is worthwhile in any case.Cooling for hot summer days guaranteed. Exactly such a pool were looking for the customer, the information could still be more detail. With the Intex Easy Set 10415 Aufstell pool everyone can afford a pool, even if it could still be improved. But undisturbed splash and cool off in the summer, is guaranteed to always be possible.

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