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Review: Intex above ground pool 12-54972 Wood Framepool

The Intex above ground pool WoodFrame Pool Set is a swimming pool for the garden with a size of 478 x 124 cm.The footprint for this pool should of course be a bit bigger. Because the conductor is also a little space is required.  

Abundant useful accessories

Thanks to the compact design of Intex above ground pool WoodFrame in just one hour is constructed and also sleep instantly after filling with water. Included with the Intex above ground pool Wood Framepool Set include not only the head of a tarpaulin, a ground cloth and a skimmer and a cleaning kit, which also consists of several parts.Namely, from a hardwood and a ground net. With their help can clean perfectly the reason the swimming pool. Further included in the box, a pool cleaner. This operates on the Venturi principle. This means there must be a garden hose can be connected and you can start with careful cleaning only. Corresponding connecting hoses and a timer are also included. Thanks to the tarpaulin all the water must not be discharged, although for several weeks the weather is not so nice and the pool is not used.  

attractive design

With Intex above ground pool Wood Framepool Set of garden is upgraded so right. It eventually These are no aluminum tarpaulin which is simply stretched around the film. Rather, it is a high-quality plastic surround of wood structure. This ensures the great look in the garden and at the same time also for stability and durability. The design promises the real feeling of a pool in the garden.  

Some preliminary work needed

Prior to the erection of this Intex above ground pool WoodFrame but a little preliminary work is necessary. Not all gardens are extremely even from the very beginning. but to secure in this pool an optimal bathing and to ensure that the pool in the garden can be set up at all, it is necessary that the ground is extremely even. To this end, all the bricks and stones need to get away from the ground and a clayey soil is not ideal, as it can easily sag due to the weight of the pool. Thanks to the rather large elements and the plug-in system of the subsequent structure is not a problem.  

Suitable for the whole family

Due to its size the Intex above ground pool WoodFrame is also suitable for a larger family. And also a lot of friends can easily be taken with in the pool. If not so many people in the pool are, it is even possible a few laps to pull. Adults can be very good in the pool. Children who could not swim or adhere to the surface of the water should wear a buoyancy aid in this pool. Pool parties with friends can be in very well organized. learn to swim this outdoor pool is very well suited.  

Sophisticated technology

The pool equipment is well thought out. The built sand filter is to circulate in a position 4500 liters of water in an hour, and with a capacity of 220-240. The pool itself has a capacity of 16805 liters. The pump is of size reasonable. It works excellently and above all quiet. It is important to ensure, of course, with such a large pump that this needs to be cleaned more often. That the pump may stop functioning properly noticed by the fact that the dirt is not properly evacuated from the pool.  


The maintenance of suction filter and pump but does not cost a lot of time. They may be performed by the user himself. Nevertheless, you should already bring a little technical understanding, if you want to wait this outdoor pool unassisted. The manual is, however, very detailed. Although the pool is not being used, but is filled, every now and then the pump must be started up. Otherwise there is a risk that form algae. Thanks to the vacuum cleaning, it is possible in between for a thorough cleaning. This should be done at regular intervals or when to have accumulated at the bottom of pebbles or sand. This can, if they stay longer there provide damages in the film. In winter, the Intex above ground pool Wood should be disassembled frame again and kept in a safe, clean, dry place. Because for operation in winter the pool is not suitable.


conclusion guyThe Intex above ground pool WoodFrame pool kit includes a series of accessories. Built the pool is within a very short time. It only takes a few handles. Suction filter, pump, etc. do not need to be purchased separately. It comes with even located a pool cleaner. This purification of this pool is very simple. Ideal Intex above ground pool WoodFrame pool for families with many children or if you have many friends you like to invite to your home. Thanks to the sophisticated technology and easy maintenance have been all summer on this outdoor pool great joy.

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