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Test report: Hammer Crosslife XTR Crosstrainer

I had finally overcome my pounds to say the fight. So I was looking for a way to do this in my home country, because firstly, I was too expensive for my membership, and secondly, what really was the main reason, I did not feel self-assured enough to get my pounds there To get rid of. Alone the looks that could be reaped there were a thorn in my eye.

Lose weight, but what?

So I had planned to lose my pounds and wanted to try this first with a diet. Like so many times, which was less successful. So I questioned my circle of friends and one of my best friends recommended the purchase of a Crosstrainer. He should not just let the pounds go, but it was one of the few sports equipment that would be fun for everyone.  

The equipment purchase

Just as I would like to visit fitness studios personally, I also consider it with great purchases. If possible, I can do this via the Internet. And thanks to the numerous mail-order houses, this is no longer a problem. On the advice of my friend, I was persuaded not to buy the cheapest device, but I wanted to invest up to 400EUR in a better. So I came across the hammer Crosslife XTR Crosstrainer after a short time. Pricey in my budget and from the performance description through from well equipped. He was already ordered.  

The first impression

Within two days I got a visit from a parcel delivery service, which delivered me the package about 50kg to the front door. Tense and still motivated to reduce my weight, so I have opened directly with a cutter knife my order. I had a big box in front of me and no idea how I should assemble this device. In my search for a manual, I found one directly, which gave me very quickly and vividly explained how I had to use the computer and what I had to do to build the device up. It calmed me down.  

The structure

Even if the construction was easy, I needed almost two hours. Often you just had to put something together and then screw it, but the included screws had a few small quirks and initially sat a bit tight, which did not favor the assembly. But happy and happy I stood in front of my hammer Crosslife XTR Crosstrainer. A really nice and modern looking device. The small LCD computer, over which one can control the whole device, is tied to a 230V connection.That made me a little worry because the cable for the power supply was not very long and I had already chosen me the day of the order a place for my hammer Cross Life XTR crosstrainer, so he is also a bit of built in space. 130 cm length and slightly more than 60 cm wide will be housed. So I chose the more straightforward solution and got me an extension cord. So I had solved the problem quickly.  

The first use

Again of my neural neutrality against new things, I quickly found myself with the small operating computer. It includes all possible variants of the device, based on the resistance and severity. It also saves all my training runs and shows me individually for each run my calorie consumption. He also visualized me all the data that are transmitted via the pulse and heart rate monitor to handle arms. So I introduced myself eagerly anticipating the unit and tried all 12 load stages once. As I had to say, it was quite exhausting, because even if I had chosen a low load level, I had to turn the integrated 13 kg flywheel mass into the belt system. After a few minutes she was completely exhausted.  

The long-term test

Now I have the device already over six months and I am very enthusiastic. It did not get worn out and the computer worked faithfully, as on the first day. Of course, I have tried all the training variants and have found that the grip arms are each paired and thus a few rigid. So I can only train the legs. The other pair of handles is moveable, so I perform a full-bodied movement on the Crosslife XTR Crosstrainer and can also train my upper body. This has already shown its effect. Through the various stress levels, I can determine the intensity of my workout myself and do not let the training fail if it is not so demanding. Alleridings I had to realize that the Crosslife XTR Crosstrainer nowhere has a way that you could roll it to the side.So you have to create the 42 kg weight so by side. Furthermore, the display of the display by the blue backlight is unfortunately somewhat poor from certain angles. When you're in motion, it's sometimes not easy to see the display.


Conclusion guy The Crosslife XTR Crosstrainer has small drawbacks with regard to the display, its transportability and its included screws for assembly, but this purchase has nevertheless paid more than. After six months he is still as reliable and stable as on the first day. I can not find any material fatigue and when the training makes fun every day. Also in terms of the price-performance ratio is not promised too much. The device is the motivation to train.

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