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Test report: Skandika CardioCross Carbon Pro Elliptical Crosstrainer


Our own gym

My mates and I were very long looking for a way to better a locality where we could have our own small .private gym. Just for us. When we found it after almost two years, we were very fast, everyone with their own fitness equipment, moved. When our friends heard of it, however, the man's room was gone. Even our women were body-conscious and used sport as a chance after work to relax. What was even better than our gym?  

Sports equipment for the ladies

When they first came with us, however, their enthusiasm sank again. Because we had rather weights and dumbbells. So nothing that women understand by sport. So our oldest comrades came the idea that we could still make our women a gift and give them a cross trainer. So that they had something to train. Is indeed a woman unit, we first thought. Because quality us is always very important when it comes to Trainigsgeräte, we have the Skandika Cardio Cross Carbon Pro Elliptical Cross Trainer found in some higher-priced category. He made a good impression on us and so we invested Full of anticipation the 850EUR.  

80kg live weight

After five days the 80kg heavy package we were then delivered and no one was more surprised than our women, when they saw what we had ordered. First, we had to do with opening the large box and looked for the assembly instructions, because if you for so this price will buy a device, then you should follow the instructions so that one does not equal damaged. First, we were faced with a huge mountain of parts and screws and felt a little overwhelmed, but thanks to the light and understand instructions, this was Unproblematic. After about three hours, with a few entertainment breaks, we were ready.  

Test of purchase

Since we had made this investment for our women and since we had selected this device from certain aspects, we tested the Skandika CardioCross Carbon Pro Elliptical Crosstrainer ourselves. Buyer of the unit we stayed in the following aspects: - the flywheel mass and weight - measuring of vital signs - the integrated technology, so the computer of the device - the other party to Trainigseffekt and - programming diversity The Skandika CardioCross Carbon Pro Elliptical Crosstrainer has a 23.5 kg weight, which is attached to the front, not like many other crosstraps on the back. As a result, only the training is more efficient, but one has a further practical function. It can be collapsed in a space-saving manner and can easily be transported and stored in another corner by means of practical rollers on the legs. Rolls for transport were particularly important since they are indispensable for an 80 kg machine. Here the Skandika Cardio Cross Carbon Pro Elliptical Cross Trainer has convinced. In the measurement of vital signs is the Skandika Cardio Cross Carbon Pro Elliptical Cross Trainer able to determine the values telemetrically. Not only via sensors on the handles, but also via a supplied chest strap. A decisive advantage for the accuracy of the readings. The small on-board computer can be operated via a regülären 230 V connector and the power cord is long enough to our offices socket. It offers 19 programs of different intensities and difficulty levels, as well as programs that can be adapted to the target heart rate. Thus, one can optimally train and everyone can pursue his individual approach. The possibility of choosing between fixed and movable handle bars you can train gleichzietig with this device more than 80% of the muscles of the body. The display and the memory function of the computer can be said to store all the units and that all the measured data in the manual readjustment were the same.  

But not just for women

Quickly we had also found a lot on this device, because the training is not only effective but also fun. Through the natural movement processes that can be simulated with the Skandika CardioCross Carbon Pro Elliptical Crosstrainer, it is almost like running or jogging outdoors. Only essentially much more hinged. Also on squeaking or other noises that we expected from the device, we had to renounce because he purrs quietly as a cat. The use of the chest belt was more than successful and provided the most reliable vital signs information. Even if the use of the belt for our women was out of the question, because it would interfere with running. After we trained more with the device than our women, because we were always with it, we put together and bought one.


Conclusion guy These purchases were more than worthwhile, as the Skandika CardioCross Carbon Pro Elliptical Crosstrainer not only looks good, but also keeps what it promises. Due to the individual adjustability of the training programs and variability, he is also suitable for daily training as well as for weight reduction. The use of the Skandika CardioCross Carbon Pro Elliptical Crosstrainer is gentle to the joints and is ergonomically suitable due to gentle and soft movements. The price / performance ratio is very good, not least by the collapsing function and the transport rolls. Of course the look is more than adequate and elegant.The Skandika CardioCross Carbon Pro Elliptical Crosstrainer has convinced us in the long term even after long-term use and the use by many different persons. Because apart from the usual maintenance, as screws tighten, nothing has occurred. Only point of criticism is the somewhat lengthy, albeit simple design of the device, and the fixing of numerous covers on the device in order to conceal the mounting screws. All in all a professional device for home.

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