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Test report: Christopeit AX 6 Crosstrainer

The Christopeit AX 6 Crosstrainer in the video

To be slim and to remain as well as to improve the condition is a Crosstrainer, for example the model Christopeit AX 6 is an optimal training device. The Crosstrainer can be used independently of the weather in its own four walls as a stepper, as a home trainer and as a treadmill. In the Praxistest, the Crosstrainer Christopeit AX 6, a mid-price model with regard to its price-performance ratio, its functions and its features was extensively tested.

The training functions of the Crosstrainer Christopeit AX 6 in the test

The whole-body exercise machine is equipped with a wear-free magnetic brake system. The braking system is driven by a low-noise flat belt drive. Especially if the exercise machine is used in a low intensity level, are virtually no operating noise imperceptible. The integrated in the elliptical machine flywheel has a weight of nine kilos. This ensures a very good resistance during the training. The massive flywheel is a guarantee for a natural running behavior during the training with the high-quality Crosstrainer. If the training resistance is too high, it can be adjusted to a personal requirement in a total of 16 steps. Since it is a motor-controlled resistance regulation, even the finest settings are easy to carry out. The large LCD display has a total of six displays and convinces in the test by a simple operation, without the training being interrupted. Personal training targets can be programmed by the user. By individual settings to the personal needs of crosstrainers motivated for regular exercise. The instrument requires an installation area with a height of 225 centimeters, a length of 140 centimeters and a width of 80 centimeters, so that all training functions are available without restriction. For the body to different The Crosstrainer Christopeit AX 6 has integrated a pulse-monitored heart rate training. The heart rate during stress training is measurable. In addition, the Crosstrainer can be used for targeted endurance training with monitoring of the pulse rate. If the entered limit value is exceeded, the computer will alert the trainee with an acoustic signal. It is important to pay attention to this signal, as false ambition may be harmful to health.Through the regular training with the fitness system in the test the general fitness condition could be improved, leg musculature strengthened and the metabolism stimulated.  

Training programs of the Christopeit AX 6

The integrated training computer allows the user to create a maximum of four different training programs themselves. In addition, a function is integrated into the computer that allows the user to determine the current fitness level. The fitness is evaluated by the program according to the classical school grading system. On the handles of the crosstrainer hand pulse sensors are mounted. The ergonomic design of the handle bars is easy and secure. They allow for a joint-gentle training of the arm, thigh, hip, buttocks and leg muscles by means of an elliptical movement process, both forward and backward. The integrated foot cups convinced in the hard practice test by a secure stand, a very good slip resistance and by the three-fold adjustability for an optimal movement sequence. The Crosstrainer is also equipped with a floor - height adjustment in order to ensure a secure position of the fitness machine even on uneven surfaces. After training, the Crosstrainer can be conveniently transported to the desired location by simply tilting forward and with the stable rollers.  

Warranty and other general information about the Christopeit AX 6 Crosstrainer

The versatile training device is GS tested and suitable for persons with a maximum body weight of 150 kilograms.The manufacturer grants buyers a 24-month warranty. Although the Christopeit AX 6 Crosstrainer with a weight of only 38 kilograms is much lighter than other Crosstrainer, it scores during the test by a very safe stand.  

Scope of delivery and assembly

The scope of delivery of the Christopeit AX 6 Crosstrainer includes an understandable, very detailed operating instructions and a tool set. The fitness machine can also be quickly assembled by untrained home improvement.The included screws are sorted and labeled. In the test, the construction succeeded individuals, only a few handgrips needed the help of a second person. Furthermore, a detailed operating and training manual is included in the delivery.  

Features of the training computer

The training computer of the Christopeit AX 6 is equipped with the personal fitness test, body measurement index, body fat percentage, pulse measurement, calorie consumption, distance training distance, speed as well as date and time.


Conclusion guy The Christopeit AX 6 Crosstrainer is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced users due to its extensive training possibilities and the individual load settings. The integrated hand-held sensors ensure that the training is always carried out in the planned area. However, the results of the measurements are not 100% accurate, but can be considered as guide values. The same applies to the measurement and the display of the calorie consumption, it serves as a guideline value and motivates additionally. The Christopeit AX 6 Crosstrainer is recommended for anyone who wants to keep fit regardless of the weather, without compromising an expensive gym membership, due to its high-quality workmanship, longevity, individual adjustability, versatile training functions and great price / performance ratio .In the test the AX convinced 6 crosstrainer by state security, stability, an attractive appearance as well as the extensive, comprehensible training instruction. Even with daily intensive training for months, the space-saving fitness machine runs as smoothly and quietly as on the first day. The only downside: the Christopeit AX 6 fitness system is not suitable for people with particularly large and wide feet. Testers with shoe size 46 fit with difficulty and need on the feet of the Crosstrainer. The combination of a very good concentricity and a variety of functions and settings are guarantors that the Christopeit AX 6 cross trainer a versatile, safe training system is purchased.Unfortunately, there is no mention in the manual that the fat that in some Of the tubes is filled, can not be pressed out without care during the insertion of the axles. Instead, it must be evenly distributed over the entire axis to allow quiet operation. Otherwise it may happen that creaking or squeaking sounds are heard during training. In summary it can be said that the Christopeit AX 6 crosstrainer in test expectations in the points scope of training capabilities, braking system, operation and safety was fully accessible. For anyone looking for a low-cost, long-lasting fitness machine with a variety of functions, the Christopeit AX 6 can be recommended for purchase without any restrictions.

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