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Test report: Christopeit CS 5 Crosstrainer

The Christopeit CS 5 Crosstrainer in the video

The Christopeit CS 5 Crosstrainer is, according to the manufacturer, a device that can replace three. This device is a combination of a home trainer, treadmill and stepper. At the same time, a special workmanship should simultaneously withstand wear and tear, just as the device allows the exercises to be carried out by stable standing.As far as the information provided by the manufacturer, which does not always have to match the experience of simple users.  

Quiet and at the same time even running

This is promised by the manufacturer, which is equipped with an approximately eight kilogram heavy magnetic brake system and simultaneously with a flat belt drive. That may also be true, but here the testers then have very different experiences. Some of them found loud noises after a short time and use, which then grew louder with time.Lubrication would perhaps be a solution here, but the user would have to come to the necessary parts. At least the testers could not, with some then the device returned again and very quickly a new device got. Unfortunately this did not have the desired effect, because the noise came then after some time also with the exchange device. There were then also the most complaints, whereby some testers were more than disappointed. Because there were even more defects, which could then lead to injuries. This seems to be a case of isolated manufacturing errors, since such problems did not occur in all testers. So then the purchase can become Russian roulette, where no one knows so exactly whether the Christopeit CS 5 Crosstrainer is then also in order or rather not at all. In addition, the pulse meter is mounted in an unfavorable position, which means that the center rod can no longer be used. So an addition is so useless, but was used by some or other tester.  

Information according to manufacturer:

- Magnetic brake system - Inertia 8 kg - resistance setting eight stages operated manually - headband with additional pulse monitor for the hand - adjustable triple tread - wheels for transportation Front - digital display, extra large windows in five

Content of the advert:

Calorie consumption are approximate pulse rate Body fat analysis as BMI and BMR Suitable up to a weight of 150 kg


Length: 1.40 m Width: 59 cm Height: 1.69 m Weight with box about 44 kg  

Full score at the price

Here, the Christopeit CS 5 Crosstrainer can earn the most points, but not really in the performance itself. Of course, it is not a shortage if the screws have to be retracted after a certain time. This was noted, but not further evaluated.The easy setup, was then an additional point where the full score was given. The testers, the already supplied tools, felt just as positive. Thus the construction could begin directly, whereby with a tester, but still some time passed.Because some parts were defective, which made an exchange necessary. Afterwards, the structure was very simple with the help of the installation instructions. After this, of course, the first exercises were done, which in the early days also went quite quiet. Unfortunately, it was not a long time, because already the Christopeit CS 5 Crosstrainer began to give indefinable noises. These were then becoming louder and louder, which then led to the exchange. Some wanted to lubricate the parts, which unfortunately did not go, since these could not be reached.Here, of course, the disappointment was not enough, especially since all testers of this device would have liked to use longer. For some, the unit is now unused, because the volume is simply too loud.  

Mixed rating

This came out in the test, because only where the Christopeit CS 5 Crosstrainer was 100% in order, this could reach the full score. But unfortunately this was not always the case, which led to considerable displeasure. Just when a flywheel simply breaks off. The hip was then bounced, which means that a safe training is not possible.There was then replacement, but this did not last very long. Thus, many of the testers could not offer any decision-making aid for the purchase, since the quality would still be significantly improved. The price was the least criticized, some but in bad processing or even inadequate material, the device was much too expensive. So the idea is quite good, but unfortunately the implementation is rather bad. Of course, all those with whom he runs Christopeit CS 5 Crosstrainer without problems is more than satisfied. Smaller noise can not be avoided, but when it gets louder, they are simply annoying. It is also important to pay attention to important parts in the field of safety, since rapid wear is not an individual case.


Conclusion guy The Christopeit CS 5 Crosstrainer is a good piece of luck to get a completely intact device. That came out at the Praxistest, which is rather a pity. Because the price is really unbeatable good, but was saved with the security. A rework could not be harmed here, but the testers would even be willing to spend more money. So then some testers did not make a purchase recommendation, others then. The decision now lies with the buyer. Also was criticized that the customer service simply did not report, which is then additionally a pity. Otherwise the device can convince many testers, especially since many exercises can be done here. In the majority of cases even very quiet, without which the volume would have increased after some time. Overall, the Christopeit CS 5 Crosstrainer has still cut off with 3.6 points of 5. So this device can be bought, especially if someone wants to avoid the gym. Often this is done for reasons of time, but the Christopeit CS 5 Crosstrainer is always available. Stable is the device, so here the manufacturer has really done everything right. In addition, the construction was very simple, which all testers uniformly confirmed. Of course, one or the other took a little longer, but this was not seen as disturbing. With small improvements, the Christopeit CS 5 Crosstrainer could get all five points.

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