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Test report: Christopeit Ergometer CXM 6 Crosstrainer

In some tests the Christopeit Ergometer CXM 6 Crosstrainer is a test winner because it convinces with many functions and details. Security is one of the things that should not be forgotten. With the Crosstrainer there is a computer-controlled resistance setting, which is available in 32 stages and there is an induction brake system. An optimal training is possible with the help of the swing mass of twelve kilograms. The plastic bearing is coated with Teflon on the Crosstrainer. The Blue-Black-Light-Display is still a very great detail. The Crosstrainer by Christopeit can carry a weight of up to 150 kg. A variety of training and program is possible with the various functions. It is a really very stable device, which also has the wear-free brake system. The Crosstrainer offers an induction brake system, approximately 12 kilograms of inertia, 6 load-bearing programs, the 32-stage resistance setting and it is designed for a maximum person weight of 150 kilograms. The most important advantages of the Crosstrainer are the easy-to-read screen, the feethells can be adjusted threefold, the pulse belt is included, there is the transport protection, the device is stable and offers a varied program. With the aid of the integrated transport rollers, the Crosstrainer can be easily transported at any time.  

Delivery, packaging and design

The ergometer from Christopeit is delivered in a standard commercial packaging and the transport security is included. The packaging can be easily removed and the training can start immediately after the release from the package. First of all, however, the most important functions should be taken from the operating instructions. The colors of the Crosstrainer are black and red. As with all Crosstrains, there is the suggested form of a bicycle. The supports from the unit and the rear area are red. The pedals of the Crosstrainer and the handles are black. The rest of the frame is silver and black. Between the handles is discovered in the front area of the computer. This is rectangular and large and it can be easily readable. The logo of the company Christopeit is on the frame in the rear Beriech and it is found within the circle. The model name is discovered outside the circle.  

Important facts and figures

51 kilograms, the net weight is from the Crosstrainer and the measurements are 138 centimeters in length, 66 centimeters in width and 158 centimeters in height. The device is also tested for safety. For the Crosstrainer the maximum person weight of 150 kilograms is allowed. The buyers will receive an ergometer with the excellent running. The device also offers a 32-stage induction brake system. The pulse belt operation is also available for optimum use and the flywheel mass is about 12 kilograms. The Crosstrainer can be computer controlled via 32 programs. From 50 to 350 watts the range can be selected in 5 watt increments. With the Crosstrainer from Christopeit, the pulse measurement is no problem. This works by means of sensors, which are located in the computer and on the device. With the Crosstrainer, the foot cups can be adjusted three times and thus the device can always be optimally adapted to the user. With the aid of the integrated transport rollers, the device can be transported at any time without great effort. The rollers are located on the front foot caps. Thanks to the Blue-Black-Light technology, the display can be read very well. On the computer there are a total of 6 keys for operation. There are functions like test possibilities, programs and other functions. Minus and plus are selectable and programs can be deleted. A fitness test can be selected and set and other functions can be defined. For example, the calorie consumption can also be measured and also the speed and time on the device can be displayed.  

Comfort, handling and operation

The Crosstrainer is very compact and stable from the Christopeit brand. Because the device is equipped with the induction brake, the braking system is wear-free. The drive is equipped with flat belts and also this is a comfortable feature. Without any disturbing background noise the pleasant training is made possible, because the Crosstrainer is whisper-quiet. The resistance of the training stages can also be adjusted without difficulty and there are 32 steps available. The computer provides the easy-to-read screen. Suddenly up to seven values can be read. With the small computer, the operation is not difficult. With the aid of the Crosstrainer, six training programs can be completed and a pulse-controlled training is made possible. Heart-rate training is therefore feasible. The coach has an optional pulse belt, which can be easily used. It is also possible to create your own program and the load can be selected personally. With the aid of the Crosstainer, a fitness test is also possible and the values such as the body fat percentage and the actual performance are evaluated. Sensors were incorporated into the handles, so that the pulse is also monitored during the training. On the pedals, there are footrests that prevent slipping. With the certificate for tested safety, the safe and stable level of the Crosstrainer is guaranteed. The Crosstrainer can be trained at any time, because it can be used comfortably at home. In the case of long-term training, the endurance is increased and, moreover, it is hinged. The muscular areas in the legs and arms are built up and this can lead to better body tension and more well-being.  

What is still to be considered?

The scope of delivery includes a tool set and, of course, the Crosstrainer. Also a manual is included, where the structure of the device is explained simply. Instructions for training are also given in the instruction manual. The manufacturer has a two-year warranty on the Crosstrainer. The defective devices can be repaired, replaced or replaced free of charge within this period. At Christopeit, customer service also speaks for itself. Already on the homepage of the manufacturer many additional services are offered. Help can be requested and the user manual can be downloaded. Also the telephone contact is possible and the employees help competent and friendly.


Conclusion guy The device offers an optimal price-performance ratio when the training possibilities, the details and also the functions are considered. After the Crosstrainer is very quiet, this leads to a very pleasant workout. For training the resistance can be adjusted in 32 hours. The device has a sophisticated braking system and this can practically not be worn out.Another purchase criterion is, of course, the certificate of the tested safety. Slipping is prevented by the foot pedals of the pedals and the Crosstrainer is stable. The various program functions are also varied.The training can be a comfortable experience with the Christopeit device.

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