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Review: WOLF Garten Electric Scarifier VA 303 E

What you should know 303 E via the WOLF Garten Electric Scarifier VA

For a neat and attractive lawn, you should not do without an electric scarifier. When mowing residues and dead plants leave a felt layer on their turf, then it is time that you get your electric scarifier from their sheds. The WOLF-Garten Electric Scarifier VA 303 E is ideally suited. The absolute highlight: 3 in 1, that is, he has the option moss rake to scarify, (aerate) and at the same time he begins nor the dead grass on. The ventilation effect cause the vertical cuts of the spring leaves through the turf. This lawn is revived, the growth is stimulated and the grass has again room to grow. or there is an optimal nutrient uptake of the lawn. No afraid that he takes too deep because the maximum height of the scarifier is two to three millimeters. The roots of your lawn are considerably lower. There are also additional material on how replacement blades and replacement springs. So you have the option when the knife is no longer really sharp they are to switch from. The same applies for the springs., Everything is of stainless steel. You can edit the Verticutter large areas and the cutting height can be adjusted in 5 different heights.The wheels on Verticutter are in different sizes, the front wheels are larger than the rear wheels. This is extremely important in order to facilitate transport across the lawn. The unit is easy to assemble and can be used immediately. But also to clean up makes it compact fold and stow quickly. No problems arise when forward or work backwards. The motor power of 1300 watts is excellent and it does not there is no overheating of the engine in a large area. The Dethatcher is easy to clean after use.  

Technical details:

The electric scarifier has a working width of 30 cm and is recommended for an area of 350 m². The engine power is 1300 watts at a mains voltage of 220 watts. The blade system consists of stainless steel dual blades and the number of blades is 10 pieces. The height of the scarifier can be adjusted centrally from up to 5-fold. The material of the mower decks made of plastic and it has a total weight of about 13 kg. The volume of the collecting basket is 35 liters and the switch type is a bracket switch and the handle with soft grip. The basic color is red yellow. The sound pressure level (LpA) is 86 dB (A) and the sound power level (LWA) 97 dB (A).


conclusion guyWhen the device closer look it is very solidly built and well suited for use for a larger area. Those who prefer to go with a power cable on the lawn, it is absolutely a top product. But he also has a cable guide on the bracket handle with an extra wire hanger and a mobile cable guides so that the cable is securely attached to the scarifier. However, beware that you do not go over the cable!The scarifier is made of plastic and has a low weight which makes it very handy. Also you can fold it very small, so it fits in the smallest scales, so the pot because it is made of fabric. To mention the small size of the collecting basket, because for such a large area he is immensely small and you have to repeatedly interrupt work to empty it. As you should already consider whether to omit it and after work the waste grass together right. What is also bad that the electric scarifier much grass goes out than when you take a manual scarifier. One must then always overseeding, so you have a beautiful dense lawn. The advantage of this scarifier is that you can buy more spare parts, such as replacement blades and replacement springs. The scarifier you get in construction or gardening retail, if you want to go cheaper, please order online Scarifier.This saves costs and infrastructure, because it comes directly to your home, well packed. Times should be somewhat defective, also the conversion is done quickly and carefully. The color of the scarifier is red - yellow, I think that this is not so important, the main thing is he does a good job. The quality and the price-performance ratio is very good. Among other things, the scarifier has a long duration and a very good engine of 1300 watts. For some he is a little occur loud, but it is still within the normal range. If you pay attention to the suitability and use of the equipment to their needs, you will not make a bad buy, but are much joy have on your device.

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