Review: Einhell Electric Scarifier fan RG-SA 1433

The Einhell RG-SA 1433 - a perfect all-rounder for the garden?

Once the grass starts to grow faster, a device for user is encouraged to professional lawn care. The Einhell RG-SA 1433 Electric Scarifier fan is such a device that perfectly combines fashion style directly three tasks at once. The electric Vertikulier of Einhell is also referred to as 3in1 combination device. Its functions are in vertikulieren, absorb and ventilate. This makes this product for garden care at an ideal companion for work in the garden. But just the Einhell RG-SA 1433 also in practice with its circumference at different functions and its power to persuade? In a direct test raises the Vertikulierer the main task of the grass cutting.  

This provides the Einhell RG-SA 1433

The Einhell RG-SA 1433 is an electric scarifier well as fan and has in transmitting power over proud 1400W Einhell Vertikulierer has a working width of 33cm and a working depth of three to nine millimeters. In addition, the electric Vertikulierer is adjustable in height. In Produktimfang a 28 liter comprehensive grabber is included. To this end, also joined the practical aerator cylinder. In its robust processing of Vertikulierer can score from the outside and is suitable for gardening. Completely in red and black, has the Einhell RG-SA 1433 on the simple and common colors of most device of this class.  

The powerful engine of Vertikulierers

With 1400 watts of Einhell RG-SA 1433 makes the top of the league of the lawnmower and shines through an absolutely powerful performance. This is ensured by a first-class series motor. Especially for a Vertikulierer are uniform results an important major component in the work in the garden. This ensures the series motor Einhell RG-SA 1433 thanks to strong torque. This results in a perfect result in the execution. For small to medium sized garden areas, the performance offers ideally and make it easy to cut the surface of the lawn. Where other Vertikulierer this class fail, the Einhell RG-SA 1433 convinces with its strong performance in the garden.  

Aerating and vertikulieren

So the Einhell RG-SA 1433 always provides the best work results, the device so that the user can individually on three different wages adjust, the choice of three, seven and nine millimeters has. A generous width of around 33 cm can be carried out effective operations. The aeration of the lawn, with this huge width of Vertikulierers no longer a problem. As a guideline gardens are approximately up to a size of about 400 m² in area. Whether the garden with the use of the Einhell RG-SA 1433 is to be trimmed or ventilated, with just a few steps can be derived from the Vertikulierer optimal device spells that allows ventilation of the garden professionally.  

Tires and donkeys steel knife

Thus above all sensitive lawn when vertikulieren not be unnecessarily damaged, the Einhell RG-SA has 1433 soft plastic wheels carrying the device and do not flatten the grass. The wheels Create very easily and allow easy handling of the Einhell RG-SA 1433. In addition to the powerful motor provides working with the Vertikulierer this lawnmower sharp blades that support the performance of Vertikulierers addition. With the help of 20 stainless steel knife underneath it to Moss can not only shorten the lawn, but also stubborn easily removed completely. Weed because this knife roll little chance. The certified stainless steel knives are also rustproof and therefore offer a nearly lifelong commitment.  

Aeration of the lawn

To add the ground the required nutrients, this should be notched in advance. Given the practical ventilation system of the Einhell RG-SA is 1433. A 48 claws comprehensive fan roller makes the aeration of the soil as easy as never before.


conclusion guyWho IS looking for an efficient working tool, place the Einhell RG-SA 1433 Electric Scarifier fan the perfect solution to complete three steps at a time. A high quality and robust processing support the positive impression about this Vertikulierer addition. Both in its performance and in its interior, such as the stainless steel blades and the strong torque, provides the Einhell RG-SA 1433 a wide range of compelling services that clearly apart from other products in this price range.

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