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Review: AL-KO 112800 Combi Care 38 E Verticutter


AL-KO Combi Care 11280 38 E Verticutter

With the electric scarifier Combi Care 38 E of AL-KO is obtained a combination device which can perform the functions and scarifying lawn airing. By scarifying in the spring and autumn the grass is again supplied with enough air. With the help of the soil penetrating steel knife sustainable moss and weeds will be removed and it is prevented against entanglement of green carpet. In the process, "airing" on the other hand the sod be loosened by the existing steel spring tines so that the lawn is again able to suffice absorb nutrients and moisture.  

Equipment and accessories

The AL-Ko 11280 Comib Care 38 is equipped so that it is suitable for lawns up to 800 square meters. If one starts from an area of this size and this area is circular, a cable length of at least 16 meters is required. If the same area would be rectangular, the cable has a length of 28 meters have. It is powered by a 1300 watt electric motor. With this engine, both the fan-roll and the scarifying will turn at 3000 revolutions per minute at idling speed driven. With such a powerful engine, the device is well equipped to make an effective elimination of weeds, moss and matted. With the help of 24 steel spring tines the turf is thoroughly ventilated. The scarifying is on 14 steel knives. With this diameter of the bottom is machined. Both rolls can be easily replaced without tools. 38 cm working width when scarifying and 37 cm during ventilation. As for the working depth of the scarifier, so it can be adjusted in five stages between +3 mm up to -12.6 mm. This function is performed by changing a rotary knob on the front of the top of the base unit. The unit is also equipped with a safety switch. The safety switch protects the user from accidentally turning on.Therefore, the startup process is only triggered when one must press a second lever. If the engine is running, the safety switch can be released. The carriage handle needs so long to be held down while the unit is to operate. The same functions, there are for example also in lawnmowers. If the machine is overloaded, the motor switches off automatically. When this occurs, one should wait for two to three minutes until the engine cools down again, and then restart again. On the cross bar of the upper push bar is the strain relief for the extension cord. In the Combi Care 38 E have the support wheels no common axis with the two rear wheels. Therefore, one speaks of a single axle. This one has the advantage that you can handle better on uneven terrain with many uneven ground with this unit. The capacity of the co-existing collection bag is 55 liters. As far as the user manual, so this is indeed well illustrated, but it lacks the textual information the assembly of the handle and the collection bag. But otherwise fits the user.  

Assembly and control

Although the text descriptions are missing, you can perform the assembly of collection box and guide rail on the basis of illustrated instructions without any problems. When setting the working depth to AL-KO Combi Care 38 E differs significantly from other devices. With this device, you will not be prompted to adjust adjusting screws on the wheels simultaneously, but you just have a red knob, which is mounted on the top, use, which provides five different positions. As an initial step, the number 2 is in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions specified because this stage is most Vertikutierarbeiten the fittest. A roll change can be easily made because of this so completely done without tools (removing the thumbscrews can be done with bare hands). Nor can the knife roll easily lift from the bearing half and when airing then replace them with the fan-roll. In addition, is located next to the knob for working depth adjustment an additional pin. This pin is a roll correctly used to precisely when it is extended so far that its green color lights .. If it is however weggesackt down and only red indicates you should check the fit of the respective roller.  

Weight and volume

The AL-KO Combi Care 38 E scarifier has a weight of 14 kg and has a sound pressure level of 84.2 dB (A). That's a volume in which it is advisable to wear an appropriate ear protection. Again, the Noise Control Ordinance is in the design has been incorporated accordingly for Gartengräte in the private sector


conclusion guyThe AL-KO Combi Care 38 is a powerful and agile Verticutter single axle, which can be used always there when you put on a manicured lawn corresponding value. Due to the fact that one and a-torque electric motor with 1300 Watts of very has large working width of 38 cm are available, a lawn can scarify quickly. Basically you also always the problem of the electric connector and the hand with a Tierens here also needed power cord. That is a substantial disadvantage compared to gaso

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