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Review: Bosch AVR 1100 Verticutter

The Bosch AVR 1100 Verticutter in Video


The Bosch AVR 1100 Verticutter in Test

Each still so well-maintained lawn is rapidly depending on surface at certain seasons to its breaking point. Blame mulch or moss may be hurtling the important nutrients withdraw it needs to give a good growth. This is where the power of the Bosch AVR 1100 to scarifier. This scarifier not only possesses sturdy design, but also high-quality blades that enable efficient work in the garden. Thanks to brand quality and many extras the Bosch AVR 1100 offers Verticutter already at first glance. But can it 1100 Verticutter also in direct use in the garden of the Bosch AVR?  

Scarifying 1100W and strong PowerDrive engine

In the first application demonstrates the superior performance of the device in its entirety. A strong motor with a high power of 1100 watts just manages to effortlessly remove the annoying moss from the lawn. At just 9.9 kg can be the Bosch AVR easy to handle 1100 Scarifiers and move across the floor. The powerful engine manages to deliver in a very short time even larger lawns of pesky weeds and moss. The dimensions of the scarifier be 60x49x40 cm. In an understated kept green, the Bosch AVR conventional garden tools lined up in 1100 Verticutter optically seamlessly into a wide range. But not the optics is the 1100 scarifier can be a particularly efficient product the Bosch AVR. The 1100 W, inside the scarifier, are due to the patented PowerDrive engine allows cares scarify for a quick and professional manner.Together with the powerful Jet Collect system of the engine of the Bosch scarifier comes to full power and is clearly differentiated from conventional devices of this type.  

Fast and efficient scarify by sharp blades

The Jet Collect system, however, has much more to offer. This becomes clear in direct use, when it comes to how fast and reliable the Bosch AVR 1100 Verticutter it effortlessly manages the moss from the earth to draw. Blame the unique stainless steel blades are available for high quality and run the. Scarifying annoying weed problems. In addition, provide ventilation ducts of Jet Collect system in Bosch AVR 1100 Verticutter support in gardening. What can not be so easily adjust the height of the device. Other devices have here a practical help so that the blades can be adjusted to the millimeter, the surface of the soil during adjust. When Bosch AVR 1100 Verticutter this setting takes place in the higher position of the wheel height directly on the axle. As default, however, no direct height adjustment is provided, which at least This point may seem a bit complicated in the performance of the scarifier. However, the actual performance evaluates this effect easily again.  

Further advantages in use

The advantage of the tools from Bosch is especially the time-tested brand quality. Thus, for the situation occurs rapidly prime parts find 1100 Verticutter are adapted directly to the Bosch AVR. The track width of the Bosch AVR 1100 Verticutter falls slightly smaller than compared to other models. Nevertheless, it is also possible with this device lawns to process up to a size of 250 to 600 sqm. will balance the small track width by the absolutely powerful motor inside the device. A practical catch tray ensures that Moss and other weeds can be collected quickly. The already mentioned lightweight construction of the Bosch AVR 1100 scarifier makes this a very secure and fast operation and a simple and handy storage. Here high-quality plastic for the housing of the Bosch AVR 1100 has been used scarifiers. Except in handling the slight Aerator can be quickly stowed in the garage or the garden shed to accommodate because it can be folded in a few steps.  

Electric Scarifier with low noise

Winning an item in the purchase of a scarifier is the noise level. Here the Bosch AVR 1100 cuts Verticutter in direct test with other models relatively low noise levels. With the Bosch AVR 1100 Verticutter can accordingly easily keep the neighborhood peace. Thanks to the efficient electric motor, the work can also be done quickly. Also positive convinced the Bosch AVR 1100 scarifier in terms of overheating. If used properly, it comes with this unit to any overheating, so that can be guaranteed in the garden a proper work. So the wired Bosch AVR 1100 scarifier ensures a quiet and clean work and make it easy to meet the specified performance. In construction the device can be after a few minutes in the garden use. Here is no complicated installation needed.In the direct power of Scarifier from Bosch 2 m³ Moos manages to destroy an area of 300 square meters. Time can be this in about an hour working reckon. This creates the Bosch AVR 1100 Verticutter due to its sharp stainless steel knife and the powerful engine. The size of the collection basket may seem too small, the direct use shows, however, that this is perfectly adequate supplies only after a long time worked by a drain. Especially the practical size of the basket helps the Bosch AVR 1100 Scarifier can be set conveniently and easily through the garden without growing up working with this unit to a sweaty procedure. These positive characteristics of the Bosch AVR 1100 Verticutter make it one of the best existing equipment on the market. Also the price-performance ratio can score here across the board.


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Handy, space-saving scarifier with lots of power

The Bosch AVR 1100 scarifier is comfortable working in the garden. This is made possible by the strong 1100 watt motor and sharp blades.Effortlessly can be edited with the handy devices small to larger areas. A practical collection basket can accommodate a large number of weeds or moss. The device can be adjusted in height with a few simple steps, from working out but it is not equipped with height adjustment. The lightweight and efficient device scores especially in the robust construction and the great power that is superior to many conventional devices of this type. Anyone looking for a space-saving and low-noise alternative among aerators, is the Bosch AVR 1100 Verticutter perfectly correct.

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