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Test report: Gorenje D 7462 J Condenser dryer

Drying is usually a simple task. The laundry has to be transported into the laundry room and then it has to be hung up somewhere to dry. The Gorenje D 7462 J Condenser Dryer is a tumble dryer of the special kind. It will convince, but also have some negative points, which a buyer can certainly feel dissuasive.This tumble dryer will make the work easier. The dryer is definitely modern, which will be sufficient for most buyers.Such a new dryer is perfect and easy to use. But there is more to say about this dryer, which may be critical to the buyer.  

The dryer and the right location

With a condenser dryer it is not really so much on the location. Here is only important, the dryer is straight. It should also be accessible in any case. This means that this dryer should always be safe. The dryer is especially easy to operate and is delivered to the desired location. This dryer can do more and that will soon be clear.  

Energy efficiency

The dryer has the energy efficiency class A and this is a relatively low energy consumption. The list goes here from A to G. There are meanwhile also already better devices, which have an efficiency of A ++. But here, of course, a little more money has to be planted in order to pay for the dryer and above all to be able to afford the dryer. This dryer is perfect and will fit well in your own home.  

The capacity

The Gorenje D 7462 J condenser dryer has a very large capacity. Whereupon excretion should be rare. Because the dryer will also have a corresponding performance and it may be that the laundry is not really dry, if this value is not correct. Therefore, it is always important not to rely too much on the performance. The dryer should not be overloaded, because that can also hurt.  

Easy handling

With this dryer, a new device will feed into your own home. Many people are afraid to learn something new before the show. If you are a novice and have bought a dryer for the first time, this may be a new challenge. But still should not be despised. The Gorenje clothes dryer is very easy to use and will be completely satisfied. The ease of use is appreciated by most customers. The display shows when the laundry is dry and that is also good. So you can also adjust to the time and maybe plan differently. The dryer is always good and will display everything needed to be able to dry the laundry perfectly.  

What does condensation dryers really mean?

A condenser dryer is a device in which a water container must be emptied after each drying operation. Also the lint filter belongs to this maintenance. If this is not cleaned regularly, the dryer can not function properly and may possibly completely refuse the service. Therefore, it is always important to perform a good maintenance routine and do this regularly. As a rule, the water container is always filled and will not prove useful. The water can then be used to water the flowers and thus also serve a good purpose. The user will do something good in any case, if he does not simply flush the water away and continue to use it. He will not regret it, and will certainly do something good with it.  


Conclusion guyWith the condenser dryer from Gorenje every buyer will be completely satisfied. He will always be a great investment. The buyer will be satisfied with the device even after a long time. He should also turn to the customer service immediately. Because a defective dryer will not make any pleasure and should always be pre-bent. The dryer is great and looks good. He has everything a good dryer needs. This is definitely a good buy, which is not repent. The dryer is easy to use by women and even men. Most of the gentlemen can not believe this at all and want to convince themselves.

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