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Test report: Miele TDA150C D LW condenser dryer

The condenser dryer from Miele is a device of energy efficiency class B. This condenser dryer offers a capacity of 7 kilos. The interfering exhaust hose is no longer required for the device by the condensation principle. No buyer is more dependent on the fact that a solution is found that the humid air is directed to the outside via a hose. With the aid of the capacity, the contents can be dried quickly and gently from a normal washing machine with only one pass. The device offers many advantages for the buyers, so the condensation drain, the drum lighting, the pounding drum and the Perfect Dry System. The door hinge is changeable and FraganceDos gives it a fragrant, fluffy wash. The remaining program duration is displayed and this means that the remaining time is displayed during the drying cycle. The illuminated drum is illuminated for better viewing. The sound development of the Miele TDA150C D LW is low and where only 63 dB are generated during the dry run. The material to be dried is distributed evenly, so there is regular change of direction in the drum. The reserve function can thus ensure the even distribution of the dry material.  

Important functions of the device

The condenser dryer from Miele offers height-adjustable feet. This ensures a safe stand even on the uneven ground. The residual moisture content can be checked with the device and the moisture dryer is used to monitor the current drying rate of the dryer. The connection cable is long and so this offers 2 meters. Very popular is the protection against wrinkling and the rough fold formation is prevented with crease protection.This is done by the regular transfer of the laundry after drying. The control display simplifies operation. The pre-programmed program start is also very popular, which means that the device can start automatically at a fixed time.The manufacturer of the model TDA150C D LW is Miele and there is a high condensation effect. The unit has an integrated condensation drain and the door is left or right. In addition to the drum lighting, there is also the intelligent drum reverberation. The device is a stand with regard to the design and a front loader because of the loading. At 494 kilowatt hours, the annual consumption and the air sound emission is 63 dB.  

Important information about the device

With 7 kilograms the capacity is in the normal range. With the model, Miele has ensured that the door can be opened for loading and unloading. This makes the machine very comfortable. With Miele as a manufacturer, the long service life is particularly important. The manufacturer states that the condenser dryer has been tested for twenty years. The drum lighting ensures that even in the dark days nothing is forgotten. In addition, the machine provides an anti-crease function and so after drying nothing wrinkles out. The ironing of clothes can be simplified at a later time.  

Why buy the tumble dryer?

The laundry is gently dried and many households appreciate the appliance today. During a washing process, more and more amounts of moisture are absorbed by textiles. During the spinning, the water is removed from the clothing, but there is always a certain residual moisture in the clothing. In the case of a dryer, the drum is ventilated with a warm air stream and residual moisture is removed from the clothing pieces. The laundry can thus be processed in various degrees of drying. Not only the drying process is accelerated with the condenser dryer, but the danger of mold formation is pre - vented within the living areas.Moreover, the modern heat pump dryers can be absolutely convincing thanks to the high energy efficiency. The device from Miele is a very good alternative to the heat pump dryers. The TDA 150C D LW condenser tumble dryer can be used to dry the laundry somewhat faster for technical reasons. The cleaning of the condenser and lint filter is also done by hand. The device is a very good solution for all those who prefer Miele technology. The dryers from the manufacturer offer the Miele features and a good energy efficiency class. Very positive is the adapted drying with PerfectDry, the Schontrommel, the intelligent drum reservation and the drum lighting.  


Conclusion guyThe Miele condenser dryer can be absolutely convincing by the equipment. The device can score with many extras and so with the Schontrommel, with PerfectDry and with FragranceDos. The dryer is particularly suitable for households with up to three people.

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